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Why Doesn’t a Cord of Attachment Come Back?

Rose Rosetree cutting cords attachment

Here Rose demonstrates putting on an energy bandage after cutting a cord of attachment.

Say that Gladys cuts the cord of attachment to her mother, Josephine. One month later, Josephine does something really hurtful. Gladys doesn’t just feel bad in the moment. She fears that she has been energetically damaged in some way.

Gladys’ self-authority is absolutely correct. She feels an energy something, and she is right about that. After The Shift into The Age of Awakening, Gladys is more likely to notice an energy problem.

Cord-Cutting Consumer Smarts

Cord Consumer Smarts

Cord Consumer Smarts. In a new edition. In the Czech Republic.

Cord Consumer Smarts. Here come some consumer tips to help you choose wisely about cutting cords of attachment. Interested in getting RESULTS?

Cord Consumer Smarts. Why?

Learning Cord Cutting

Learning Cord Cutting

Learning Cord Cutting — Blog-Buddies, let me give you some inside information today.

Learning Cord Cutting. Yes, I can teach you skills for self-healing. Today’s consumer article can help you to progress smoothly, with real-life skills.

What, you want to learn this mega-powerful form of self-healing? You wish to learn how to cut your own cords of attachment?

Cult deprogramming without violence

Before we leave the theme of cults, let’s consider cult deprogramming in the context of Energy Spirituality.

Cult deprogramming” is often violent. It has a weird reputation, with kidnapping and huge psychic coercion. Storied versions of cult deprogramming are truly revolting. So a much better regarded term is “exit counseling.”

Forgiveness Quiz. Some ANSWERS.


“I love you.” That might be the most powerful sentence in English for healthy relationships, trusting life, and moving forward on a path to Enlightenment.

“I forgive you.” That sentence might come in second.

Either giving or receiving forgiveness can help a person to feel better in the present. Also to stay present.

As we explore some answers to our earlier Forgiveness Quiz, I’ve been wondering. Could it be?…

that sometimes a here-and-now conversation can prevent the need for forgiveness here-and-later? Later, so many more words can be needed.

As demonstrated by the tiny yet helpful forgiveness techniques below.

2 simple techniques for forgiveness + 3

Abortion. An Energy Spirituality Perspective


Abortion is more than a right. Spiritually, abortion can help a woman to evolve.

Abortion — I’m not among the 1 in 3 American women who has had an abortion. However, I do know quite a bit on this topic. Because of my work as the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

In session, I’ve helped clients remove many kinds of STUFF related to getting an abortion: Cords of attachment, frozen blocks, psychic coercion, energetic subroutines.

Concluding what? Spiritually, abortion can help a woman to evolve.

Cutting cords of attachment to a GREAT relationship


Trust Blog-Buddy GRACE S. to ask something really deep. It would have been Comment #20 in the post about Karma + Yuckiness Index + Cords of Attachment, all part of your path to Enlightenment , only the set of questions was too, too fabulous.

So I turned her comment into a promise that I would do this guest post. Today I make good on that promise.

In the “Q&A Conversation” that follows, I will alternate GRACE’s words (as if Questions) with my answers (as if they were Answers). Here we go!

Journaling when I cut cords of attachment, guest post by Grace W.




Blog-Buddy GRACE W. has been busy. When you read the guest post below, here’s what she has left out.

Since she started doing sessions of Energy Spirituality years ago, GRACE’s life has improved enormously. That includes huge success with her career, plus even bigger personal transformation.

Why do we get cords of attachment? The VERY best part

Concluding this two-part examination of “Why do we get cords of attachment?” I am happy to share with you an understanding that has slowly developed within me over the last decade or so.

Let’s lead up to this big-deal concept with an example of my favorite thing about why we have cords of attachment… and how cutting them makes such a big difference for moving towards Enlightenment.

Why do we get cords of attachment, anyway?

Cutting cords of attachment

Blog-Buddy NICK asked a very good question about cord-cutting, Comment 341 at our most popular post so far about cords of attachment: Why do we get cords of attachment, anyway?

AMY O, another Blog-Buddy, followed up with a rather succinct answer: “Learning!” She’s right, of course. Down to the exclamation point.