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A Crystal Meth-Flavored Cord of Attachment

A cord of attachment can be like a tug of war within your own subconscious mind and aura

A cord of attachment flavored by crystal meth can cause a tug of war that distorts your subconscious mind and aura

RES has taught me a lot about drugs… the helping way. Today I’ll share what I learned from a crystal meth-flavored cord of attachment.

Many of you Blog-Buddies already know a lot about cutting cords of attachment. Some have even signed up for my Cut Cords of Attachment Level 1 Workshop on August 13-14, 2016. (Where nothing, nothing about the cords of attachment being cut in that workshop will be anywhere near this intense! Cutting even a minor cord of attachment can bring big results.)

If the topic is new to you, here’s a link to my Cut Cords of Attachment, Top 10 List. However, you won’t find a thing there about crystal meth because this is my second blog post ever on crystal meth.

Abortion Cord of Attachment. Informative, Always

May today's blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages

Abortion Cord of Attachment. May today’s blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages

Abortion Cord of Attachment. When one of my Energy Spirituality has had an abortion or miscarriage, guess what? Often I’ll facilitate cutting her cord of attachment to the soul involved.

What did I learn from cutting this particular cord of attachment for Gladys? Today I’ll tell the tale. Expect inspiration — at least, if you believe in a woman’s right to choose.

Caution: Read no further if you are staunchly anti-abortion. Because I won’t hide my equally strong, and different, values on this highly-charged issue.

Inside Info on Cutting Cords of Attachment: What Is The Yuckiness Index?

Stephanie Thomas -- now here's somebody who knows about The Yuckiness Index

Stephanie Thomas — now here’s somebody who knows about The Yuckiness Index

The Yuckiness Index — on average I work with that just about every day of my life. Because every time I facilitate cutting a cord of attachment, I check out that Yuckiness Index.

Yet you won’t know what the heck that is unless we have been together in session with the Healing Centerpiece of cutting a cord of attachment.

Or you have been in session with someone I trained as an expert in this system of Energy Spirituality.

Or you have read today’s article. 😉

Yes, today I’m starting a series of articles about little known technical aspects about cutting these energy cords. I figure, the more you know about this specialty of energy healing, the more you will benefit:

  • If you are someone who does self-healing, it’s helpful to know some of the lesser known, but very cool, technical points.
  • As a consumer, learning about The Yuckiness Index can alert you that there is more to cutting cords of attachment than you may have been expecting.
  • And also, as a really clever New Age Consumer, guess what? You can start asking new practitioners, “Do you use The Yuckiness Index?” This is a good question to pose when seeking a qualified person to help you with energy healing, and it’s possible that a cord of attachment might be cut. (Not everyone is as sophisticated about cords of attachment as you are becoming, you know!)

Cult exiting, a guest post by Penny


Blog-Buddies, PENNY is the latest member of our Energy Spirituality community to share a story about her empowerment as an empath and a person. What did exiting a cult have to do with it? Read and marvel!

On this Valentine’s Day, I invite all you Blog-Buddies to take heart. Celebrate your spiritual growth, moving out STUFF with techniques like 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), filling up with what thrills your soul.

The perils of having a pure heart


Hope so. Hope you are willing to see the ugliness. Especially if you have a pure heart.

If not willing, you risk finding bogus ugliness in others and yourself.

Seeking beauty is a great lifestyle. But seeking ONLY beauty makes a lousy requirement for life, a wretched way of attempting to live one’s ideals.

Re-Cording from a Cord of Attachment


“Should I be afraid of re-cording?” My client, Gladys, asked this yesterday.

“You’ve already cut Cords of Attachment to my mother, my father, my sister. Every time, I’ve had great results and there has been no question in my mind. Those cords are gone. They haven’t come back, and I have noticed unmistakable results.

“But lately I’ve been reading about the problem of re-cording. What can you tell me about that? Should I be worried?

Gratitude Technique + Aura Reading Perspective


Certain DO’s and DON’Ts are needed in order to make Gratitude a powerful and transforming technique. The perspective of Energy Spirituality Aura READING helps, too.

Why Just One Cord of Attachment Per Person?

Blog-Buddy Suzanne recently sent a great question about Cords of Attachment as comments to a previous post:

[Supposing I cut a Cord of Attachment], why would I not recreate it the very next day? And the one after that?

Each time I interact with that person, if it’s my energy creating that cord (and I’m guessing that it is) then does it really help to cut the cord?