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Enlightenment Eye Flash

Let the educational experience continue!

Enlightenment Eye Flash. Has it happened to you yet?

Enlightenment Eye Flash — find out what that means!

Blog-Buddies, sometimes I wish I could have an extra day within each day just for this blog, posting merrily away. So many great teachable moments are available, given thoughtful comments here about deeper perception in this Age of Awakening! Thank you, one and all.

Compassion and darshan with Enlightenment, a guest post by Anita

 And now another Guest Post for today. This came in yesterday as a couple of comments. As I emailed to ANITA, I was planning to take it live on Saturday.

Only today’s context seemed so perfect as a place to read this Guest Post. Because when did she write it? During 12-12, at a time of big spiritual lifting. Could “ascension” mean shifting into a higher state of consciousness, yet remaining extremely human?

And what would be the implications for someone who is a healer, whether an energy healer, a psychiatrist, an acupuncturist, any mind-body-spirit healer?