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Please Vote for this Blog as “Best Personal Development Blog”

"Best Personal Development Blog"

“Best Personal Development Blog” It would be lovely if you would vote for me. Sending out my wish.

According to Mr. Volunteer, voting is open. Would you like to see this blog receive recognition from the Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards for 2019?

Here’s a link for voting. Scroll way, way down until you find this blog listed under “Best Personal Development Blog.” Nearly there! Now, please, click into the dot to the left of DEEPER PERCEPTION MADE PRACTICAL. That means you’re choosing that one out of the bunch. Then scroll down just a tad more and click on VOTE.

Today Mr. Volunteer wrote, “Fellow RES fans, here’s a chance for you to show your appreciation of Rose’s blog.”

I really would appreciate your vote. Winning would be a way to help spread the word about RES. (The biggest challenge I have in a pretty fortunate life right now.)

Thanks for this nomination, Mr. Volunteer. Thanks to all who do me this 3-minute favor.

Steady as You Go… Adjustment Years in The Age of Awakening

Steady as you go, steering past storms in this new Age of Awakening

Steady as you go, steering past storms in this new Age of Awakening

“I keep beating myself up over whatever I say and do.”

When Joe told me that in a session, it helped me to understand what I had noticed in his aura.

Joe’s intention for our session had been “To like myself more.” During the Skilled Empath Merge that followed, I discovered that Joe was quite spaced out. As I put it, “You’re flirting with spiritual addiction.” Which was so uncharacteristic for this long-term client. Joe hadn ‘t suffered that problem for years.

By the end of our time together that day, Joe’s aura was beautifully back to normal… and then some. His soul was being expressed more clearly. And what happened wasn’t just due to his Healing Centerpiece for that session of aura healing (a skill set for removal of many hundreds of frozen blocks that had been energetically triggering his distress).

Was there learning too? Definitely. A lot of our success together was related to my realizing what I’m going to share with you today. Today I’m giving you a longish post; if you persevere, I think you’ll find it to be time well spent.

First, let me ask you this question.

Commenting and Searching Here Just Got Easier

This blog is green and growing

This blog is green and growing

Good news for enjoying “Deeper Perception Made Practical”!

Migration of this blog, and the supporting website, has been completed.

Now we’ve got ourselves a fine new SEARCH box too. Check it out!

Commenting is easier too, as the old Captcha method has been replaced with something far easier. You’ll see.

What Does It Mean to Be Spiritual?

Is being spiritual a religion? A lifestyle? Or is it, to you, something else?

Is being spiritual a religion? A lifestyle? Or is it, to you, something else?

Really, Blog-Buddies, what do you think it means to be a spiritual person?

“It’s obvious,” you might say. To which I would respond, “Hardly.”

The topic for today’s blog post was inspired by KAREN’s wonderful Comment 2 at Anti-bullying mixed with homophobia, an aura reading of Orson Scott Card.

She wrote, “I am honestly shocked by his connection to God [i.e., one of Orson’s subconscious-level chakra databanks, one about connection to God, as researched at the time of one particular photograph] because I know this man to be a very spiritual person who deeply loves God.”

Personally, I don’t find any contradiction between being a very spiritually motivated standard bearer for your religion and — at an energetic and subconscious level — having conflicts or limitations in one’s direct experience of the Divine. Problems that would, for a time, show up at the level of your aura.

I’ll be glad to comment below, later, and maybe even share a blog post about my personal definition of what it means to “be spiritual.” Comments are the place for my views on this topic, seems to me. Because defining what it means to be a spiritual person isn’t my area of professional expertise. I’m really curious what you’all think.

Hooray, the blog is back

The weirdness is gone, Blog-Buddies. After a couple of days of having the blog no working, the tech support folks have prevailed and you can comment again, I can post again, and your guest posts can come live again.


I’ll be getting to the contest winners soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy, everyone. 🙂


Personal Development, Top 10 List — Call for Nominations

Being a good person? Complicated.

As you put pieces of your life together, growing fast, which blog posts have helped you most?

Blog-Buddies, you may know that I am developing Top 10 lists for major topics here. Articles go back for more than seven years.

This time I’m going to try something new, ask you for YOUR faves.

  • Just click on this personal development blog post link to survey the many posts here that are about personal development.
  • Or start with the September 2007 link on the leftmost column and work your way forward.
  • Or you might just remember your faves and search for them, either in the search box on the left or through your favorite search engine. (Type in key words for the topic + Deeper Perception Made Practical.)

I’m so interested in which articles have been especially meaningful to you.