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Shiny New Joy. 10 Ways to Find It

Shiny New Joy

Shiny New Joy. Would you like some today?

Shiny new joy? It’s all around you. Within you, too. Let me get you started finding some today. Whenever you like!

You’re used to seeing the occasional present. Official goodies in boxes! Sometimes signalized by shiny, colorful paper and a bow.

When you get such a gift, it’s easy to figure out: Aw, somebody bought you a present. Maybe expensive! Shiny new joy might be inside.

Yet your day can be filled with gifts. Not passively recognizable, either. Just because an official gift has been given you by somebody else — that’s what I mean by passive. How about the gifts that you actively discover for yourself? Here are 10 easy ones to find.

Why I Believe in Developing Deeper Perception

There are so many beautiful perspectives on Enlightenment and subtle perception!

There are so many beautiful perspectives on Enlightenment and subtle perception!

It’s delightful to read the blog written by my friend DAVID BUCKLAND. Sure enough, that’s what I did bright and early this Sunday morning. I find the clarity and erudition about higher states of consciousness to be unmatched by any other Enlightenment expert I know.

However, that doesn’t mean I always agree with him.

This morning I opened up an article on The What and How of Subtle Perception. DAVID gives a beautiful analysis and context for what he calls “subtle perception” and I call “deeper perception” and still others call “celestial perception.”

At “Observations on the Road Home,” David advises, “If such things do begin to show up that’s fine. We should allow but not invest in them.”

What do I find? Just the opposite. We can do far more than allow. We can actively pursue.

Just as we can do far more than allow Enlightenment to unfold. We can actively pursue.

Thrill Your Soul, Snow or No Snow

Finding your path, even when it seems narrow

Finding your path, even when it seems narrow

Blog-Buddies, are you ready for a treat? I’ve been saving something special, and this dig-out-from-blizzard Day Three seems like just the time.

You might remember A Contest to Celebrate 27,000+ Comments at the Blog. You might remember,too, that I announced a contest winner, LORI RUBENSTEIN.

Well, LORI and I did a two-part session of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research.

You can listen on demand at this Soul Thrill Research link.

Why Listen to Someone Else’s Aura Reading?

70 years of fame — that's the main story being explored in this month's issue of "Reading Life Deeper"

Curious about Angela Lansbury?

Curious about Angela Lansbury?

Have you signed up yet for my free monthly newsletter? For March 2015, the treat includes a Skilled Empath Merge of Angela Lansbury.

Remember her?

Angela Lansbury won her first Oscar nomination while a teenager. Now she is still wowing audiences, at age 89.

When a watch is that old, and wears so well, what makes it tick?

Other articles await you, as well. So do sign up, if you haven’t already. Do it soon, I’d recommend, as we’re aiming to release this newsletter by the first day of spring.

Announcing our latest contest winners

Applause for our Joyful Contest Winners

Applause for our Joyful Contest Winners

Big thanks to everyone who entered our latest contest, What did you learn about deeper perception in 2014? A joyful contest to enter.

Winners have been selected. 🙂

For supplying short little chunks, aphorisms, shrutis, wise words, aha!s, Tweet-style insights… the winner is Isabelle. As you may remember, this prize was to be awarded based on the number of comments, and Isabelle was the clear victor.

For the story about “What I learned related to deeper perception,” selecting a winner was way tougher. Because I found each guest post uniquely insightful.

Here’s a chronological list of all four, in case you missed any of them.

  1. How Deeper Perception Helped Me in 2014, a Guest Post by SARAH
  2. How Deeper Perception Helped Me in 2014, a Guest Post by JESSICA GATES
  3. How Deeper Perception Helped Me in 2014. A guest post by CATHY
  4. How Deeper Perception Helped Me in 2014. A guest post by ZELDA

So how to pick that second winner?

How Deeper Perception Helped Me in 2014, a Guest Post by SARAH

Diving deeper into family life with Aura Healing and Transformation

Diving deeper into family life with RES Energy HEALING

SARAH has entered the first full-length entry into our new Contest about Deeper Perception. Prepare to be shocked (maybe). Or maybe not so shocked at all….

What I learned is hard for me to summarize, since it happened somewhere completely separate from my intellect.

I finally let go of my need to love my family. In the process, I actually came to love them in a way I never have before. For the first time in years, I was able to genuinely enjoy a holiday spent with them, free of guilt or disappointment.

With regular perception, a close family

See, my immediate family is very close and loving and always has been… supposedly. We all see each other regularly, everyone makes an effort to keep up on each others’ lives, my parents are still together, etc.

And this sense of family is extremely important to us, —all of us. It must be. It’’s some sort of implicit requirement for membership. I don’t know how else to explain it.

But there’’s always been something weird under the surface, like it’s all a big show. I’’ve spent years convincing myself that this is all in my head, since I’’ve never met anyone else who gets this vibe from them. My friends just politely say that they don’t really know what I am talking about, so-and-so seems lovely to them.

Grand Canyon Changes You

Grand Canyon Changes You!

Here, Blog-Buddies, is a rare occurrence. A poem, yet it’s not my annual one about Christmas. Back from seeing the Grand Canyon!

Waking there at sunrise changes you.

Funny videos for shallow perception


Blog-Buddies, sometimes the timing of life is so delectable.

Just finished my last session of the day, with a client (GLADYS) who needed to shallow up.

Sure, we did cord-cutting as part of her healing session. But the main direction of her healing was the put-in part. GLADYS is learning how objective reality is different from the subjective kind, and to “Shallow up,” as needed.

Rose Rosetree's Aura Reading Movie Reviews

Aura reading movie reviews

Rose Rosetree, inviting you to enjoy this year’s aura reading movie reviews

Aura reading movie reviews — how does this Energy READING Coach do them? Energetic literacy has many practical uses. This one may not be so practical. But it will fascinate anyone seriously interested in acting.

Regrettably, this year we are already so close to the national broadcast of the Academy Awards. Unlike other years, I have not posted my typical half a dozen aura readings yet.

Fortunately, aura reading research can be done after the Oscars are given out. I still plan to do half a dozen this year, plus joyfully adding any guest posts done by you Blog-Buddies.

And tomorrow, promise, I will post #1 in the series of Aura Reading Movie Reviews for Oscar Nominees in 2013. Today, though, I want to supply some important context.

You see, Blog-Buddies, here’s what happened yesterday. I prepared the first of those excursions into Stage Three Energetic Literacy. I was getting ready to post it…

For this #1 of the series, I had chosen an actor at random from the set of Academy Award nominees, an actor I admire. Then I sailed into investigating his chakra databanks, comparing the actor as himself and then a still from the movie, with the actor in the Oscar-nominated role.

Well, the score of his Chakra Change Points wasn’t good. None of my findings about him were wonderful, neither how the actor is doing at this time in his life nor about his performance.

One of those uh-oh moments with Deeper Perception

How I hate that, when I wind up going counter-culture. It was depressing, framing a conclusion for this Aura Reading Movie Review.

Before posting this article, I shared the sad tidings of this aura reading research with a friend who advised me in so many words, “Don’t publish it, Rose. This is an acclaimed performance. Protect your own reputation, because publishing this could make YOU look bad.”

My immediate reaction? This human being FELT bad. Not that I feared hurting the mega-famous, adored actor. Gee, which of us is more rich and famous and influential?

Besides, I believed the truth of my aura reading research. Also I knew that, out of integrity, I would neither change the language of my findings nor suppress what I found.

Objective reality, especially vital with Deeper Perception

Gotta love Earth School, right?

So many of the lessons we learn, individualized lessons…

Life lessons etched in very human pain and eventually followed by wisdom…