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Quiet Destiny Matters, Too

Quiet Destiny

Quiet Destiny — don’t underestimate the power (and spiritual privilege) of NOT being famous

Quiet Destiny Matters, Too. When our 24/7 media proclaim intense drama, does that mean a quieter life doesn’t count for much?

Maybe quite the opposite!

Today’s post was inspired by Blog-Buddy VALERIE. Writing about the Lin-Manuel Miranda aura reading, here’s what VALERIE added to our conversation:

I really enjoyed the description of his connection to physical reality as finding himself on a date with his destiny. How lovely.

Who wouldn’t enjoy such a discovery? An electrical sense that “This really matters.”

Conformity. Lessons from My Garden.

Volunteer flowers gone wild

Volunteer flowers gone wild

This summer three volunteer plants in my garden have offered me cosmos, lovely little blossoms of pink sweetness.

Last year I planted a packet of cosmos seeds. Enjoyed them. Let them go in the fall, with appreciation. After all, they are annuals.

Mostly I grow perennials, loving the rhythms of return, my chosen goodness coming back year after year.

This year I had other plans than cosmos for that patch of garden. The boxwoods are doing nicely, especially since they’re punctuated with sweet, small spikes of liriope.

When those volunteers came up, they surprised me. They didn’t fit in with my plan. Yet how could I resist? As you might expect of someone named “Rose Rosetree,” I’m a bit of a flower freak.

Yes, I would keep these unexpected blessings of the floral variety.

Still, as the delicate little startings began, I developed an expectation. Since I was accepting these volunteers, all of them would conform to my standards. Just like the photographs on my packet of seeds, every specimen would be perfect. Each would look like the other, a nicely matched set.

Good Luck with That!

Within days, two out of three of these cosmos grew alarming (for a perfectionist gardener anyway).

"What if I’m not fulfilling my purpose?"


It’s a very familiar worry for so many smart people. We know it isn’t enough to slog through one day after another. So we wonder, “What if I’m not fulfilling my purpose.”

What can we do about this fear?

Recently a conversation with my client Gladys reminded me that there is a third solution to this problem — one I have never written about anywhere before — and that could bring the biggest healing of all.