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Earth School. Back to School!

Earth School. Seek no further for an amazing mystery school. You’re already here.

Earth School. Lucky us, to be living on The Learning Planet!

At this back-to-school time of year, let’s share our thoughts about school. Not just the neighborhood elementary school. Where noisy children run around screaming at recess.

Instead, how about we consider a spiritual mystery about earth as a place for learning? A mystery that we can solve, in part, today. Because, if you think about it, an answer lies right under your nose.

Spiritual Academy Award Readings

Spiritual Academy Award Readings

Spiritual Academy Award Readings. How do they work? Which actors would you most like me to research?

Spiritual Academy Award Readings. What’s spiritual about reading auras of actors nominated for the Oscars?

Absolutely, you’ll learn how I do these special aura readings.

Today’s post also gives you a chance to let me know which Aura Reading Movie Reviews you’d like me to do this year.

But first, let’s probe the business of “show.” As in,There’s no business like showing people the truth.

Introducing Energy Spirituality.

Introducing Energy Spirituality. How can it make your life better… TODAY?

Introducing Energy Spirituality. It can help you to grow emotionally. Also, help you to awaken spiritually.

Maybe important to you? Currently, this field is unique in the world.

Like it or not, it took years for me to name the kind of work I’ve been doing since 1986. Finally I figured out what to call the four interlocking parts of this field.

  • Like, what to call each of these four service specialties.
  • Also, what to call this field in general.

Therefore, starting today, I won’t just continue doing what I can to help you. But I’ll help you understand what’s unusual about all this.

Specifically, how can Energy Spirituality help you? Keep reading and you’ll find out.