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Face Reading Legendary Radio Broadcaster Ed Walker, Retiring at 83

Ed Walker's power as a broadcaster wasn't seen but heard. And felt.

Ed Walker’s power as a broadcaster wasn’t seen but heard. And felt.

Ed Walker won’t be able to see what I’m describing while I read his face. He’s blind.

But he can feel his face data when I describe it. Just as Ed Walker can assess the truth of this face reader’s tribute to him.

Similarly this listener, among countless others over the years, has felt as though he was our friend. Who cares if we physically saw him in the room with us? At public radio station WAMU, Sunday nights belonged to Ed Walker. He shared great classic radio shows for more than 60 years.

You can read here about Ed Walker’s remarkable career in broacasting. Reporter Paul Farhi’s article is also where I found the photo that I will use here.