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Skilled Empath Merge with Autistic Artist Stephen Wiltshire

 Best Celebrity Aura Readings


If you are planning to add your own reading of a chakra databank or more to this Aura Reading Jamboree, please do it before reading this guest post. Fabulous though it is! Do your own research first and then you will not be influenced at any level by other research done by your Blog-Buddies.

In the “Practice What You Preach Dept.” I have taken my own advice here. The blog post with MY Skilled Empath Merge has already been written and awaits next Wednesday, as promised.

Now, today, three cheers for this Skilled Empath Merge by ELAINE. (Headings and small copy edits only from yours truly.)

(A cool note for my fellow library fans: I am doing a lot of this blog post formatting while in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. It’s my day off. Here I am, at one of my favorite places in all the world. Have requested a load of books to be brought to me. It takes a while. On top of everything else, we’re allowed to use computers while we wait. Heaven!)

What I noticed as a skilled empath, researching autistic Stephen Wiltshire

While doing this “Magic Picture” technique, there was quite a notion to me of feeling spaced out, a little off kilter or off balance from my normal perception of living. Not uncomfortable, but very different.

Skilled Empath Merge with autistic savant Stephen Wiltshire

Best Celebrity Aura Readings

What a treat, to do a Skilled Empath Merge with the artist who created a drawing of New York after one arial survey. Click here to find samples of the autistic artist’s breathtaking talent .

Any aura reading of Stephen Wiltshire would be a treat. Hence our Aura Reading Jamboree begun one week ago, Autism Aura Reading Jamboree, honoring Stephen Wiltshire .

Today comes my contribution, using the “Magic Picture” technique from Become The Most Important Person in the Room. It has been a while since I have used Energetic Literacy Skills on someone with autism, so I’m curious in that way. Plus each individual is unique, and it’s a privilege to delve into chakra databanks of this magnificent artist.

The main photograph I will be using for the research is of Stephen posing as a man and a celebrity. Only, just to keep things lively, I’m going to compare each chakra databank read at this time, in this role.

Yes, I’m also going to read the same chakra databanks in a photo where Stephen is making art.

Empath Skills, Empath Healing, a guest post by Stephanie Thomas


From this healer’s perspective, Empath Empowerment® skills work perfectly with the techniques of Energy Spirituality. I didn’t plan this. The information downloads and personal sessions of RES Energy Healing, the books and workshops, simply developed that way, fitting together.

For instance, many a time I have facilitated cutting a cord of attachment with cord items about my client’s unskilled empath merge with the cordee. Big logical consequence: Permanently moving out those cord items then made it so much easier for my client to keep empath gifts turned OFF, as part of living happily ever after.

Extra-credit points from being an empath


For your eyes only, empaths.

Today’s post, Part Three of this series, might make non-empaths jealous.

Hey, that’s only fair. So much of the online conversation about empaths screams “Victim!”

Other benefits of being an empath. Part Two of Three

Rose Rosetree, showing one option for Empath Empowerment

What’s the point of being an empath? So pointy, the potential to this way of being neuro-physiologically wired for life!

In Part One, our last post, I introduced the idea of a Continuum of Human Sensitivity, with empaths all the way at one end. (And then a great comment came in, #9 from LINDA STONE, about her experience all the way at the extreme end of that Continuum of Human Sensitivity.)

What is the point of being an empath? Part One


Everyone you know, self included, has chosen brilliantly about the degree of innate sensitivity. You are hard-wired that way.

It’s like being right-handed or left-handed or ambidextrous. Similiarly, you have a place on the Continuum of Human Sensitivity.

Fancy name, that. I don’t think I have mentioned Continuum of Human Sensitivity before. But you’ll see the point if you keep reading. In fact, you may see lots of points….

10 Reasons I Like Being an Empath, a Guest Post by Julie

Rose Rosetree, doing Skilled Empath Merge and loving it

A poignant and powerful new thread was begun yesterday by Blog-Buddy RACHEL. In Comment 2 at a post devoted to empath Stacy London, RACHEL wrote:

I get that for people who do work such as you do, doing healing work, being an empath is a huge advantage, even a necessity.

But what about for others who do not want to become professional healers? What is the point of it? What is the purpose of being able to do skilled empath merges if you are not a healer (or a ‘helper’ of some kind, as Stacy London is)?

Stacy London, Empath or Just Empathic?

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“My whole life I’ve had a love-hate relationship with style, and my body, and myself and self-consciousness,” Stacy London says in a Washington Post interview. “And I have not met very many women who haven’t.”

Promoting her new book, “The Truth About Style,” the star of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” is coming to Washington, D.C. Reading this quote, I was reminded of the extraordinary trick Stacy pulls off each episode of the long-running reality show.

RES Helps Self-Healing from a Marijuana Habit. A Guest Post.


Blog-Buddies, this is a Part 2 to yesterday’s Guest Post by ANONYMOUS about how Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) skills from my books, plus a small number of personal sessions, helped her to go pot-free. These self-healing skills  can help others, also, to get over a marijuana habit.

Please tell friends who might be open to the idea: You may find significant help from some of my books with self-healing skills: Become The Most Important Person in the Room, Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, and Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.

Ridiculous, Empaths! Quix ANSWERS Part 2.

Ridiculous, Empaths!

Ridiculous, Empaths.l Once you get over these habits, you’ll feel so much better.

Ridiculous, Empaths — Some common ideas about being an empath are absolutely pathetic. What you don’t know could be hurting you. Get help here!

Blog-Buddies, we have been having  some fascinating conversation around the Earth Changes/Fire and Rain Quiz Answers Part 1.

The post itself ended with a list of actions one could take in objective reality. And, throughout, did any of you catch an underlying theme?

Completing Quiz Answers today, I’ll place that theme up near top, in bright purple letters:

Unskilled empaths often try to solve problems in objective reality by making efforts subjectively. This doesn’t work. Not at Earth School.