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Fun, Easy Empath Empowerment. Publication Day!

Fun, Easy Empath Empowerment

Fun, Easy Empath Empowerment. Here I am, Blog-Buddies, offering to the world my best resource yet for EMPATHS.

Fun, Easy Empath Empowerment. If you’re an empath… I’ve got a pretty big announcement for you.

Which RES Resource Comes Next for Me? A Guest Post by KRISTINE

THE NEW STRONG is the latest resource in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

THE NEW STRONG is the latest resource in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

Which RES resource comes first? That’s a good question. By now there’s a whole field called Rosetree Energy Spirituality (for long) and RES (for short). All you need do is glance at the left column on this screen and you’ll see the opportunities for you. Also the problem.

So much to choose from!

Which RES resource comes next for YOU? So much is offered. RES helps people solve problems through energy READING skills, energy HEALING skills, Empath Empowerment® skills, and Enlightenment coaching. All designed to work for The Age of Awakening.

Where do I start?

Wherever appeals to you! That’s my most universal answer. But it’s the stories of different people — like KRISTINE — that show why.

Why so important to choose for yourself?

Empath Empowerment Books. Get Skills!

Empath Empowerment Books. Here I am, Rose Rosetree, all ready to bring you empaths up to date.

Empath Empowerment Books. How can you learn the only trademarked system in America for empaths?

Here’s the latest news. About a sweet set of resources that you can use to get skills. Effective skills!

Blind Empath Coaching. Are Some of the Blind Leading the Blind? Second-in-a-Row Guest Post by Christine!

Celebrating the arrival of my second book for empaths, "Become the Most Important Person in the Room"

Blind Empath Coaching? Not here. Rose Rosetree celebrates publication of her second book for empaths. 

Blind Empath Coaching. In some empath coaching, are the blind leading the blind?

Today’s guest post provides a shocking perspective. As Blog-Buddy CHRISTINE continues to share her experiences as an empath. Go, CHRISTINE!

Blind Empath Coaching. The Misinformation

Thank you Rose and everyone who commented at my last guest post!

It is extremely frustrating when you awaken and try to learn everything about who you are and you find so much misinformation, so many contradictions.

Writing Your PBS Station — a Grace Note


Dear Blog-Buddies:

Tatyana, an empath in California, sent me this email today. It is a reminder that you, too, can always do a powerful good deed for the empaths of the world by contacting your local PBS TV station or other favorite media, following her words or creating your own.

Inside Story Behind the New Book for Empaths


My career as a self-publisher did not start with some big ambition to print my own books. As far back as I remember, however, I did want to be a writer.

I definitely wrote things: A first “novel” at nine, essays, poems, the editorial for my high school yearbook, pieces for my college

Ordering "Become The Most Important Person in the Room"


This practical question just came in from a reader and session client in India:

Wanted to know if from your website I can order books and have them delivered in New Jersey.

Also, like Amazon, do you have free shipping? I wanted to order your latest book, plus a few others.