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Skilled Empath Merges… When Your Gifts Include ANIMAL EMPATH ABILITY

If fascinated by animals, is Skilled Empath Merge just the thing you need? Maybe not.

If you’re fascinated by animals, is Skilled Empath Merge just the thing you need? Maybe not.

Ready to learn more about the appropriate uses of deeper perception? If that isn’t part of making it practical, what is!

And the timing of this conversation at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” couldn’t be better, as I’m thinking a lot these days about helping empaths, preparing for my once-a-year  empath coaching in a group, with the Empath Empowerment Workshop.

Some empaths have been having a spirited conversation over a fascinating topic over at Ask Your Questions about RES. Let the educational experience begin with Comment 53 by ANONYMOUS.

Skilled Empath Merges with Spiders?

More Reasons Why I'm Loving Our RES Community, Blog-Buddies

Another leap forward for this RES community

Another leap forward for this RES community

Today a new post leapt onto our list of the blog’s “15 Most Popular Posts.”

It’s Post-New-Age Perspective: Will Psychic Development Make an Empath Stronger? This went live almost exactly one month ago.

As usual with these articles, the big liveliness is in the COMMENTS.

As often happens, this post began on one theme and morphed into something quite different. In this case, the conversation changed because of a powerful teaching moment set in motion by a brave reader, EMILYH in her Comment #16.

And that’s Reason #1 why I’m loving our journey together into “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Commenting, you’all say what you mean.

How RES Changed My Life, A Guest Post by HOWARD

Howard, moving forward joyfully now along his path

Howard (or someone who looks like him) moving forward joyfully along his path

How RES Changed My Life. Today’s guest post by Howard includes Name Alignment® Research, Empath Empowerment®, and other specialties of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

The purpose of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is to help people. When asked about my work, I say this:

“I help people to grow with energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills that are especially effective for living now.”

But that still can sound abstract. Even theoretical.

Deeper Perception or Shallow Perception, a Fun Experiment

Splashing around in the shallows of life can be fun.

Splashing around in the shallows of life can be fun.

Big thanks to Joe who gave me the idea for today’s blog post! He emailed me a link to a quiz in the New York Times, “Can You Read People’s Emotions?”

In today’s article I’m going to invite you to an experiment with that interesting quiz.

For maximum fun, please read the following before you click on that quiz .

The quiz contains 30 questions. Each one shows a photo cropped closely to show mostly the eyes and, to some extent, eyebrows. So what you see is very eye-centric.

How We Empaths Can Become More Empathic. (Surprisingly, Most of Us Aren't.)

Empaths don't necessarily act empathic. But we could. (And it's good for us.)

Empaths don’t necessarily act empathic. But we could. (And it’s good for us.)

Shocking but true: Most empaths are NOT as empathic as they think they are.

What Does It Mean, Being an Empath?

Being an empath is not a behavior. It is not something that a person can choose. Or that anyone can develop. (Unlike empathy, which we’ll get to separately.)

Every empath is a Highly, Highly Sensitive Person; and 1 in 20 of the people on this sweet earth have been born as an empath.

Blog-Buddies, you probably know that this empath coach has identified 15 different talents that an empath might have. You might have several or just one. Either way, being wired with even one talent as an empath means that you qualify.

But did you know how “Empath” is different from “Empathy”? Many of us are pretty fuzzy about the details.

Boundary Work. How It Fails Empaths.

Psychological boundary work helps non-empaths, not empaths.

Psychological boundary work helps non-empaths, not empaths.

Boundary Work can set you back, Empaths. Here’s perspective from Empath Coach Rose Rosetree about the perils of psychological boundary work.

To begin, some questions for you empaths:

  1. Have you tried psychological boundary work?
  2. And how much did that help you?

If you’re like most empaths I’ve talked to, these are your answers:

Empath or Psychic, What's the Difference?

Psychic intuitive or empath, is there really much of a difference?

Psychic intuitive or empath, is there really much of a difference?

Do you consider yourself an empath or a psychic? Do you prefer to think of yourself as both? That matters enormously.

Your choice — and it can certainly be a choice — will have big consequences for:

  • Your consciousness lifestyle (what you do with awareness in your waking hours)
  • Your relationships
  • Your sense of identity
  • Making money
  • How well your aura is doing
  • And the kind of work you do to help people

Empath Skills Versus Energy Fascination — How to Solve Problems Caused by Confusing the Two

Mixed-up energy ideas can cause really big problems.

Mixed-up energy ideas can cause really big problems.

Problem solvers, let’s follow up with some specific examples. Because our last blog post was the first of a two-parter.

Part One was Please, Please, Please Do Not Confuse Energy Fascination with Being an Empath This gave you important concepts for protecting yourself, solving problems, and speaking to friends of yours who may be headed in a direction that brings unhappiness.

Today here’s Part Two. Let’s go into specific examples of the understandable confusion that many people have about noticing energies, now that we are living in the Age of Awakening.

Please, Please, Please Do Not Confuse Energy Fascination with Being an Empath

When folks mix up being an empath with having to live with big energy awareness

How to become miserable? Mix up being an empath with having to notice energy all day long.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to RACHEL SEARLE, who recently shared here at the blog for the first time, and in a brave way, at an article about empath skills. Yet her comments were very concerning to me, both as an Empath Coach and as someone who helps people with the other skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Living now, we can evolve so fast spiritually. It’s a great opportunity, provided you understand that you are HUMAN. Invest in that human life, complete with common sense, and astral energies will support you as never before in human history.

But if you become overly involved in paying attention to energies, you will (not may, you WILL) lose your balance. Most likely you will develop a spiritual addiction, a kind of addiction to the allure of the astral.

This can be avoided. Or if too late for that, healed.

Unskilled Empath Merge? What Is That?

Unskilled empath merge

Unskilled empath merge — that’s all most empaths have learned how to do. So far. Uh-oh! Happily all empaths can learn to do Skilled Empath Merge.

Unskilled empath merge? If you’re an empath, you probably do that a LOT.

And it ain’t helping your quality of life, to put it mildly.

You see, Blog-Buddies…

Every Born Empath Does Unskilled Empath Merge

Exclusively. Until You Get Skills.

Quite possibly you were born an empath: 1 out of 20 people have this great blessing in life.