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Autism Hope. Asperger's Hope. RES Skills for the Bold.

Autism Hope. Aspberger's Hope.

Autism Hope. Aspberger’s Hope. Let me explain how RES might be able to help you.

Autism Hope. Aspberger’s Hope. Yes! Hello, caregivers. Probably you get support already. Well, how about receiving powerful help? Today I’m going to share with you… help that’s available through the unique approach of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

What moved me to write today’s blog post? Here’s the short list.

Coming out as an Empath

When is it important for an empath to "Come out of the closet?"

When is it important for an empath to “Come out of the closet?”

“Coming out the first time was hard enough,” JOE told me. “It was hard, telling my friends that I am an empath. It was awkward, and some of them just didn’t understand.”

Blog-Buddies, I don’t think I have ever written before on this topic. Let’s consider it now.

Is it necessary to “Come out” as an Empath?

Of course not. One in 20 people has been born as an empath. What does it mean, being an empath?

  • A. That you’re hopelessly weird and freaky.
  • B. That you have a sort of sensitivity disability, so now you require either special pampering or pity?
  • C. That you have at least one significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.

Empaths Have Neither Autism Nor Asperger's Syndrome

Empath coach Rose Rosetree says, "Come on." Apples and oranges! Empath and Asperger's!

Empath Coach Rose Rosetree says, “Come on.” Apples and oranges! Empaths and Asperger’s!

So, here I am in my role as hiker in the Shenandoah Mountains. And a Molecular Empath. Also, for today’s post, I’m in my role as an Empath Coach, an energy spirituality healer who has developed the system of Empath Empowerment(R).

You don’t have to Google for long to read about confusions over different ways that consciousness functions outside mainstream feeling, thinking, and spiritual awareness. In fact, I just googled “autism empath” and came up with 91,000 hits.

Mentoring Empaths

Mentoring Empaths

Mentoring Empaths. Read all about it from America’s most experienced Empath Coach

Mentoring Empaths. How to seek support if you’ve just learned you’re an empath. Should you seek somebody local? Somebody with a big FB group? What?

VICKY just sent in a sweetly worded, heartfelt question about what to do when you have learned you are an empath:

“I’m new to being an Empath, in terminology at least, and would love to be Happier and de-clutter. I was wondering if there was anyone you could suggest in London who works on a mentoring approach in such areas? Many thanks!”