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Empath Mentoring PURPOSE

Empath Mentoring Purpose

Empath Mentoring Purpose. There’s more than one. Crowned by owning knowledge of Skilled Empath Merge.

Empath Mentoring PURPOSE. So much noise in the empath marketplace can obscure “What’s the point of empath mentoring?”

Today I’ve got answers for you.

It’s especially joyful writing this because, in my last blog post, what happened? I published my first online workshops for empaths. Including a Free Intro to Empath Empowerment® with five fast-moving lessons.

Empath Mentoring. What Can You Get, Ideally?

Empath Workshops Online. Launching Today!!!

Empath Workshops Online

Empath Workshops Online. How to take a Rose Rosetree workshop totally at your convenience.

Empath Workshops Online launch today.

  • Three of them. A beautiful sequence of cumulative learning!
  • On-demand. Like taking a live workshop with me. Except that it’s 100% on your own schedule.
  • Thoughtfully crafted. So you get real value.

And guess what? The first of these online workshops includes five lessons. All of it… free. No charge. No moolah changes hands. When I say “free”…  I mean “free.”

Fragile Empaths? How You Can Help Them

Empaths are NOT fragile, like glass that's easily broken.

Fragile empaths? Real empaths are decidedly NOT fragile, like glass that’s easily broken. Unless…

Fragile Empaths? This is one of three awful stories that I’ve noticed gaining traction since the last time I offered the Empath Empowerment® Workshop. Since this annual workshop begins exactly one week from today, let’s set the record straight.

Including news crawl that would be showing the latest developments.

Latest development for fragile empaths if you were watching “Empath TV.”

If there really were such a thing as “fragile empaths.”

Also if, in the first place, there were an “Empath TV” show to watch.

Even Without Being Fragile, Empaths Are Now

— To Some Degree — At Risk

Empath Empowerment 2017 Workshop Is Coming

Empath Empowerment 2017 Workshop Rose Rosetree

Who will come to metro Washington D.C. for the Empath Empowerment® Workshop 2017?

Empaths will come. Empaths who seek an even better life. That’s who will be coming to my Empath Empowerment 2017 Workshop.

Fast-growing empaths from far and wide! (Already one participant is coming all the way from England.) Also, just possibly, YOU.

There’s so much I can tell you in advance about that workshop. Why you might consider attending. And how those two fast-moving days could move you forward by six months with your level of skill as an empath.

Easiest way to get a taste for the fun and passion of this workshop? Just check out this new YouTube video: Empath Empowerment® Skills with Rose Rosetree.

The World's First Workshop All About Skilled Empath Merge. A Guest Post by ISABELLA CATES

Skilled Empaths Isabella Cates, US, and Erik Melo, Mexico

Skilled Empaths Isabella Cates, US, and Erik Melo, Mexico

Everybody in that first super-advanced workshops for empaths was successful. The guest post below began as a modest chunk of comment, a thank you that was attached to a blog post where I had described doing a Skilled Empath Merge with a crystal.

I’m elevating it to the status of guest post. Partly because this brand new workshop seemed to this (empath coach) like a historic event in the story of Empath Empowerment®. And partly to encourage some of the nine other course participants to share their experiences during and after.

Okay, your turn, ISABELLA.

There’s Skilled Empath Merge and then There’s Skilled Empath Merge

The workshop this past weekend was absolutely incredible. If you think you have learned how to do Skilled Empath Merge, so you know how to do Skilled Empath Merge, and that’s that…. think again!

What’s Special about the NEW Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop

Introducing the NEW Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop

Introducing the NEW Empath Empowerment®     Level 2 Workshop

For a decade now, I’ve been teaching workshops to help empaths.

Once a year, the Empath Empowerment® Level 1 Workshop has been offered. Often, taking this workshop has been — as a graduate from 2016 wrote me just this week — life changing.

That term is not one to be used casually. Taking that workshop for empaths IS usually life-changing, and in a wonderful way. Because I estimate that it moves an empath’s skill level forward by six months or more. And that’s whatever the empath’s level of skill was to begin with, whether a total beginner or pretty darned skilled.

For many years (although not every single year) this empath coach has also been offering an Empath Empowerment® Level 2 Workshop. Results for the graduates have been so wonderful. But now, what’s going to change? Something big.

For 2016 this workshop for empaths is completely redesigned. I find it absolutely thrilling, how much I’m going to be able to teach. Such advanced material!

New Empath Contest, Where All Who Enter Win Something

Empaths in bloom. That is one way to think about our latest contest.

Empaths in bloom. That is one way to think about our latest contest.

Empath Empowerment® is inspiring Blog-Buddies all over the world. In your honor, let’s have a new Empath Contest.

It will honor all of you who are empaths plus all of you who are curious about empaths. Whether you personally are an empath or not. Because it is such fun when I facilitate a Skilled Empath Merge, which is the unique kind of energy reading done with the skill set of Empath Empowerment®.

But first things first. As you regular readers here may know, an empath is somebody who has at least one trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.

  • Not “Somebody who feels other people’s feelings.”
  • Not “A sad, victim of a person who is doomed to suffer.”
  • Not “A psychic who constantly notice energies and is extra-intuitive due to being an empath.”

Living with Roomates as a Skilled Empath. A Guest Post from BEVERLY

For this skilled empath, a stronger sense of self while with others

For this skilled empath, a stronger sense of self while with others

Empath skills, real skills developed expressly for empaths, make such a difference. Today’s guest post serves as a reminder of how practical these skills can be. If you’re an empath, and you’ve ever had roommates, you’ll want to read this guest post by BEVERLY.

Here’s BEVERLY’s story of her new shared space, and how Empath Empowerment® helps her to share it better.

Unskilled Empath Problems? Quiz ANSWERS

Juggling Rose is finally completing our Empath Quiz about Solving Problems.

Juggling Rose is finally completing our Empath Quiz about Solving Problems.

Juggling Rose, your friendly Empath Coach, occasionally leaves one of our balls of instruction hovering in the air. Well, today I remembered one that has been hovering since April 3. Some BONUS questions for empaths were answered, but not the main ones. Yowza! Let’s fix that now.

Today is a terrific day to conclude our recent thread, Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz. Because my annual Empath Empowerment® Workshop will be one week from tomorrow, and there are just a few spaces left if you are interested taking a workshop that will help you to move forward by six months with your empath skills. Dates for this workshop, here in metro Washington, D.C., are April 25-26.

Back at that 2015 Quiz about problems if you were born with an empath’s aura, here come some answers.

For each of the following questions, is the cause that you’re an empath? Or could there be some other explanation?

Empath Quiz Question #1.

I don’t get along with my mother. The power balance in our relationship is off.

Come see the bats, and belfries, at the Spring Pathways Expo


Lou DeSabla, cunning mastermind behind the Pathathways Natural Living Expo

Lou DeSabla, cunning mastermind behind the Pathways Natural Living Expo

On April 12, they’ll be out and about. Bats galore!

Bats as you have never seen them before!

Bats, imported from Austin, Texas (the bat capital of the United States)!

After years of hosting workshop speakers like Rose Rosetree and expo booths galore, Lou DeSabla had a notion. The cunning mastermind behind “Pathways Magazine” thought:

“So many people in the Metro D.C. area already have bats in their belfries . Let’s bring thousands of them together in a huge hotel space and let the echolcation begin!”