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Empath Names Matter

Empath Names

Just because you were born an empath doesn’t mean you were born with skill. Kids start by learning names for things. Likewise empath skill, at any age… begins with correct naming.

Empath Names Matter. More than you might think as a newbie. When choosing an empath coach, pay attention to the names used for different empath gifts. Are they misleading or accurate?

A fresh example from today inspired this post. Which includes some brand new insights that I’ve never shared before. Ideas that may prove helpful regardless of your skill level, so far, as an empath.

My muse for this morning is CAMERON. After finding a blog post with quick summaries of all 15 empath gifts

Which Type Empath Am I? 15 Kinds of Empath


type empath, kind empath

Which type empath? Introducing 15 different kinds of empaths. Are you any of these?

Which type empath? Or not an empath at all?

Right here and now, let’s survey all 15 different types of empath. Do you know which kind(s) of empath you are? Knowing that can be so helpful if you’ve been wondering…

Am I An Empath?

If you are, that’s great. I can help you to use your full potential as an empath. A skilled empath!

Post-New-Age Perspective: Will Psychic Development Make an Empath Stronger?

Does psychic development REALLY make a person stronger?

Does psychic development REALLY make a person stronger?

NOTE: On February 5, 2016, this post leapt onto our list of the blog’s “15 Most Popular Posts.” As usual with these articles, the big zest is in the COMMENTS.

As often happens, this post began on one theme and morphed into something quite different. In this case, the conversation changed because of a powerful teaching moment set in motion by a brave reader, EMILYH. You’ll see this community come together in support of solving a problem. And eventually we wound up discussing a lot about how Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is taught.

Who knows what will develop next? I’m game to find out. How about you?

In this series of occasional posts I’m inviting you to think for yourselves, Blog-Buddies. Use your self-authority to decide about big-deal, popular assumptions in New Age.

Don't Reduce Empath Empowerment® to One Quick Sentence

Racing to gain empath skills? You can do better.

Racing to gain empath skills? You can do better.

So many of us empaths are in a hurry to get skills.

  • Some folks feel desperate.
  • Some expect instant answers.
  • Some believe that the truth ought to be simple. And, therefore, we have the right to take something too new or complex and turn it into something “better.”

I’m here to caution you. Please take your empath skills more seriously than that. Show more respect for yourself.

Becoming a Better Friend as a SKILLED Empath. A Guest Post by SARAH

Sarah, a better friend with Empath Empowerment®

Sarah, a better friend with Empath Empowerment®

Friendship matters. This blog is creating connections for friendship, and so is the new Empath Empowerment Skills Group on Facebook.

Offline, friendships can be improved so much by gaining skills for human-based spirituality, energetic literacy, and Empath Empowerment®.

Your stories about friendship are welcome here, Blog-Buddies, whether as short comments below or as longer comments that can become guest posts. Like today’s beauty from SARAH.

How lack of empath skills can limit our friendships

I’ve spent almost all of my adult life so far hanging out with stereotypically “nerdy” types, very brainy and somewhat flat emotionally.

I know that even though it was unconscious, a lot of the reason I gravitated towards these friends was not being a skilled empath yet.

Aura Reading Molecular Empath Yves Béhar

Aura reading of Yves Béhar, Molecular Empath

Aura reading of Yves Béhar, Molecular Empath

Famed industrial designer Yves Béhar has been named in many conversations here at the blog. The Swiss designer is a genius — a word I don’t use lightly. Today let’s read his aura.

Skip down to the bottom of this article for background on energetic literacy and chakra databanks. And what is a molecular empath, anyway? You’ll find that background too.

Incidentally, if any of you face readers would like to do a guest post about him, check out this great physiognomy photo of Yves Béhar .

Blind Empath Coaching. Are Some of the Blind Leading the Blind? Second-in-a-Row Guest Post by Christine!

Celebrating the arrival of my second book for empaths, "Become the Most Important Person in the Room"

Blind Empath Coaching? Not here. Rose Rosetree celebrates publication of her second book for empaths. 

Blind Empath Coaching. In some empath coaching, are the blind leading the blind?

Today’s guest post provides a shocking perspective. As Blog-Buddy CHRISTINE continues to share her experiences as an empath. Go, CHRISTINE!

Blind Empath Coaching. The Misinformation

Thank you Rose and everyone who commented at my last guest post!

It is extremely frustrating when you awaken and try to learn everything about who you are and you find so much misinformation, so many contradictions.

Crystal Empath Aura Experience

Crystal Empath Aura Photo

Crystal Empath Aura Experiences — they demonstrate aura changes with Skilled Empath Merge

Crystal empath aura photos. They show me doing different Skilled Empath Merges with different semi-precious stones.

Technically “semi-precious but way precious to me.

What a great idea, requesting that I do Skilled Empath Merges. (See Comments 6 and 12 at Every Photo Is an Aura Photo.)

Empath Skills vs. Coping Mechanisms, a Guest Post by Stephanie


Blog-Buddies, Stephanie didn’t name this guest post, “How Empath Empowerment Helped Me Attain Enlightenment.”

But she might have. As with any Guest Post, this one didn’t come with any official title at all. I had the fun of adding that, plus doing a bit of light editing and inserting links and headings.

Get ready for a voice of startling originality, nerve, and verve. There is nobody like Stephanie Thomas.

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