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Beauty Work. Worse than Extreme Cosmetic Surgery.

Beauty Work masks the humanity of actors. Confuses everyone!

Beauty Work. Today’s digital “Beauty Work” is scary, if you value our shared humanity.

Why, supposedly, does ATTRACTIVENESS mean erasing human “imperfections”?

Exiting a cult. A guest post by "Ray"

Blog-Buddies, we are lucky that talented writer RAY has offered a guest post today on the theme of exiting a cult.

He shares so beautifully about his process of cult exiting. The factors he identifies as most cult-like are important, I think, for any of us who have chosen to deprogram and exit a cult.

What have you noticed after The Shift? A guest post by Dave



Blog-Buddies, about this new thread about life after The Shift. It wasn’t announced. It just happened.

You know, like so many other things about living here at Earth School. Here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” we were considering Lance Armstrong’s aura. When perceptive blog posts came in by DAVE and JILL ERIN.

What to do? I wanted the first of these writings to shine, so I have moved DAVE’s original comment here, added minor edits, formatted it like a blog post. Three cheers for his use of Skilled Empath Merge!

Face reading quiz. What is wrong with this picture?

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Since face reading is a live topic for us these days, Blog-Buddies, I wondered if you might enjoy critiquing some photos. Little photos A,B,C,D. Is each of these good for physiognomy or what?

The power of face reading, NEW or otherwise, is too useful to confine only to people we meet in person. Reading faces, you will surely want to extend your skills to become a Physiognomist of Photos.

So today, Dame Maggie Smith and Bono join our fun with face reading. Check out their physiognomy photos and share your opinion. Are these pictures useful for reading faces or not so much? (The power of face reading, with photos, does have a great deal with how suitable that photograph is in the first place.)

Please use the COMMENTS box below to give your ideas. Hint: This quiz is more sophisticated than you might think. Maybe a photo is good for one thing, bad for others, physiognomy-wise. So have some fun with this first quiz of 2013.

Bono from U2 is pictured as Photo A.
Click on this Bono Physiognomy Photo link to see the face reading photograph.

Yes, I do want to get to that Energy Spirituality or Energetic Literacy post


Blog-Buddies, do you share my excitement about the innumerable kinds of knowledge now opening up at this blog? Many a morning I wake up and want to do nothing but run over to my computer, start reading your comments and posting new chunks of information in response.

By today, for instance, there are definite requests for me to post about:

Will your comment appear on this blog?


Today I received a surprising message. As the blog moderator, I learned that a very beloved Blog-Buddy had written two previous comments that never made it onto the blog.

What happened?

And what to do if such a thing should ever happen to you?

God Game



God Game — play it and you win. To help you succeed, this blog post introduces you to a simple way to search for God. And find God, too: “The Pocket.”

Today’s post flows from a wonderful Guest Post by SOPHIA, If you don’t believe in God, how can Energy Spirituality help you? Part 1,

In response, we’ve got an equally heartfelt and amazing Guest Post by AMY. Her Part 2 to this conversation was Does your relationship to God depend on social belonging? A Guest Post by Amy.



Phony — three ways to avoid seeming phony to others

Phony? That’s not exactly desirable. This blog post gives you three ways to avoid phoning in your life. “Busy” to you. “Phony” to others.

Many a smart teenager goes through a “phony” stage. Not trying to be phony or fake, but obsessively finding fakery in others.

Important, this search for the genuine self and authentic behavior! As teens, we need to figure out who we are and find ways to express it through words and actions, friends and clothing.

Phony? It Matters.

  • As voters, we had darned well better be able to discern authenticity vs. phoniness. (As recently noted in multiple comments related to The Mitt Romney Smile.)
  • As viewers of celebrity photos, we would be wise to spot phony pictures. (As recently noted in Comment 4 by M.)

Some of you Blog-Buddies may even have favorite literary characters who have inspired you in the quest to live authentically. For me, it was Holden Caulfield, hero of “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger.

The reclusive Salinger never could have imagined the bigger problem today, a huge social problem, an authenticity problem, and source of much interpersonal confusion.

Mitt Romney Smile

Mitt Romney Smile

Mitt Romney Smile. On an emoticon, a fake smile looks okay. But on a candidate for President of the U.S.?

Mitt Romney Smile? If it makes you cringe, maybe you can take advantage of a teachable moment. Learn some secrets of expression reading.

Energetic literacy is no quaint otherworldly hobby. At least, it need not be. Voting is one of many practical reasons to develop skills of energetic literacy.

To be clear, responsible people do not substitute energy readings for regular, sane, paying attention to objective reality.

Reality matters, especially for voting. Never is it smart to shirk your citizen’s duty to become well informed about political events, by listening to what candidates propose, by evaluating ideas with your worldly wisdom.

Death Wisdom, a Guest Post by JILL ERIN

Death Wisdom

Death Wisdom, from the perspective of Enlightenment

Death Wisdom. In this post JILL ERIN (in Enlightenment) shares her perspective on death. With family members and as a nurse. You may be moved, even inspired.

Blog-Buddy JEAN asked JILL ERIN about death in the context of our conversation around Hanging onto your STUFF, a Guest Post by Jill Erin. (See especially Comment 14 and the spirited dialogue initiated by CURIOUS AS EVER in the sequence at this post.)

Sure, the topic is considered grim. Yet, with JILL’s wisdom, dare I say, “Kind of beautiful”?