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For the first time, I taught my Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop in Europe — no small thanks due to my sponsor, London’s famed College of Psychic Studies.

Participants came from as far away as Saudi Arabia and Tanzania, so it felt remarkably like staying back home in America. 😉 All over the world, folks are seeking spiritual awakening and human empowerment as never before.

Empath Coaching at the College of Psychic Studies in London

Blog-Buddies, sending you’all a big wave as I leave for a “fortnight” in England.

What fun, to use such language. Of course, I might ask a living British person, while there, if anyone there ever uses the word “fortnight” any more. 😉

Rose Rosetree, not yet at The College of Psychic Studies

Preparing to leave the comforts of this dear place where I live, I’m freshly aware of my deep affection for this online community, my clients and students so far. I am thrilled to be reconnecting with people on the wavelength of Energy Spirituality and Energetic Literacy. And I have that “New voyager” anticipation about the new folks I’ll be able to help.

Enlightenment and the Astral, a guest post by JILL


These days I am packing for two weeks in England, sponsored by the College of Psychic Studies in London. Of course, I have been thinking about psychic development. It can be any of these for a seeker:

  1. A skill set
  2. An interest
  3. A hobby
  4. A belief system, even a religion or way of life

Aura Reading Contest, Celebrating Humor


Who makes you laugh? What fun, to do aura reading on someone who is a special fave of yours, whether a performer or writer.

Just yesterday I checked a novel out of the library, “Him Her Him Again The End of Him.”  What hooked me was this cover review by Steve Martin:

Between aura readings, dancing with the Divine

Usually my emphasis with reading auras is practical. Aura reading is one of the best skills you can use for personal excellence, sprinkled judiciously into your career, relationships, hobbies, even helping you to become better informed as a voter.

Yet recently I joyfully rethought aura reading as merely practical (+ fun + useful). Quite suddenly it has become unusually busy at our online community at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” All this, thanks to one JULIE, a client and student, then friend, over the past decades. In April 2012, JULIE became the first of my “Brave Explorers” to join the Enlightenment Life List.

When you want a face reading, an aura reading, a cord-cutting

Rose Rosetree, at work now; not always working, however

ELI’s question came in this morning:

Hi Rose – any chance you would do a face reading of Gwyneth Paltrow?

Thank you!

ELI, it’s sweet that you have a request. Thanks for the “Thank you.” And welcome to this blog, because this is your first comment here, right?

Molecular Empath Contest, Nominating a creative public figure for an aura reading


Blog-Buddy DAVE started this contest flowing with his Comment #5 at a post about writer Virginia Woolf. And then GRACE W. added another comment about author Susan Cain, making the thought of a contest become so irresistable…

Let’s do this. With our first blog contest for 2012, you get to name a creative public figure of your choice. It could be a writer, a musician, an herbalist and teacher, any public figure at all whose work shows some notable innovation or creativity.

Guidance with Energetic Literacy

energy spirituality logo

Pathways Magazine readers, my latest article has just been submitted. This latest edition of the “Energetic Literacy”column will be about guidance. This placeholder post will contain the full article after the print edition of Pathways goes out in March and the online version goes live, probably in April.

You’re free to interact on this theme at any time with your comments.

How do you position yourself for guidance?

Everything about our lives can be informative, so really the quest for guidance is about choosing where to pay attention.

So many different aspects of life can be included in a seemingly simple choice.

Maybe you never thought of it this way before, but your choice could really come down to positioning your consciousness.

Admittedly, this question of positioning became lively for me when writing my book just published officially two days ago, “Use your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

Writing this, I had the chance to clarify my understanding of three different aspects of life: Human, Astral (a.k.a. psychic), and Divine (a.k.a. spiritual).

LOA Teachers, Portraits of Spiritual Addiction, compared with Dominionism


Such a continuing education in aura reading, energetic literacy, and spiritual addiction! Not to mention Law of Attraction. And, by the end of today’s post, Dominionism.

Also today’s Part 3 continuation of this thread includes the 1 out of 50 volunteer LOA teachers who was (it seems to me) purposely maniuplating students for personal gain. Although still possessing a spiritual addiction.

See if you can figure out which one I mean.