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Vibrational Re-Positioning + Process-Oriented Cord Items

About Rose Rosetree’s new technique for Vibrational Re-Positioning(R)

More inside information for you technies, my fellow consciousness nerds and enthusiasts who follow new developments within Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Vibrational Re-Positioning® Can Involve Process-Oriented Cord Items

Definitely. Though subtly.

Process-oriented cord items were the topic of or last article. Long as I’m sharing inside information, I thought you might like to know about the relationship between identifying process-oriented cord items and the  energy spirituality breakthrough technique of this summer. Heck, of this decade!

Vibrational Re-Positioning is the newest skill set in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. A very new technique for emotional and spiritual healing, Vibrational Re-Positioning was inspired, in part, by what I had noticed about the power of removing process-oriented cord items for clients.

Energetic Sub-Routines


Inquiring minds want to know. And when those minds belong to Blog-Buddies here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” how can I resist?

Since many of you have expressed interest in this discovery in the field of aura reading, here we go. Perhaps the first post anywhere explaining the concept I call “Energetic Sub-Routines.”

Let’s start with an example, the latest drama in the love life of Gladys. She has just broken up with Joe.