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New Strong Confusions — Beware These Three Misunderstandings

New Strong Confusions

Banish New Strong Confusions. Starting Today.

New Strong Confusions — let’s clean them up today. Three of them!

Just last night I was inspired to see the above photograph on Facebook.

Initiations, Attunements, and Transmissions. Inappropriate Now?


Initiations? Since we live in The Age of Awakening, are initiations still necessary?

Initiations, Attunements, Transmissions — all of these were sacred in the Age of Faith. By now… Have they become obsolete? Inappropriate? Even, to some degree, dangerous?

Because now we’re living in The Age of Awakening. Based on different rules. Humankind has been given a new vibrational freedom. Resulting in unprecedented ways to evolve.

In this article, let’s explore how to safeguard your personal growth and spiritual awakening. Controversy alert: I’ll be sharing some stories that may shock you.

Ayahuasca & Chelsea Handler, Aura Reading. A Guest Post by SAM

Your aura is designed to shine like the sun. After the high, drugs like Ayahuasca depost STUFF, like clouds that block the light.

Your aura is designed to shine like the sun. After the high, drugs like Ayahuasca deposit STUFF, like clouds that block the light.

Are you’re curious about what Ayahuasca really does to a person? Aura reading tells you the real deal.  For instance, about the impact of Chelsea Handler.

Many of you have been curious, so we’ve done a whole series of blog posts about it. See them listed at the end of today’s article.

As a smart consumer, how can you balance the claims for the much-hyped wonders of Ayahuasca… against what the drug really, really does?

Use your skills for energetic literacy, of course. And that’s just what Blog-Buddy SAM has done for us today.

Pitiful! Aura Research on Ronin Niwe, Ayahuasca Salesman

"You will know them by their fruits." Well, the fruits of Ayahuasca are definitely not like as luscious as the hype.

“You will know them by their fruits.” Well, the fruits of Ayahuasca are definitely not as luscious as the hype.

What a delicious contrast! Amazing, really.

Your busy blogger Rose has been putting together the handouts and worksheets for this weekend’s first-ever Workshop for the The New Strong. Inspiring ways to help everybody adapt faster and better than ever… to living in the Age of Awakening.

But it’s a challenging time to live on earth, with our new vibrational freedom. You know, Blog-Buddies. You’re energy sensitive. Everybody is — or easily could become — energy sensitive.

The trick is to use it in productive ways, so that you can accelerate your personal path to Enlightenment. Or, if you’d rather think of it in psychological terms, hasten your progress at self-actualization.

The Differently Disturbing Aura of another Ayahuasca Shaman, Metsa Niwue

Once again, Ayahuaca moves glorious human consciousness into the mud of low-level astral experience

Once again, Ayahuaca moves glorious human consciousness into the mud of low-level astral experience

Still curious about what Ayahuasca really does? Me too.

Let’s continue this series about the dangers of Ayahuasca, offered with all due respect to the well-meaning spiritual seekers who have been considering drug tourism to gain the so-touted benefits a drug-induced high.

Here’s another side of the story, the energetic side — researched with the precision of Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Sure, let drug advocates with undeveloped energetic literacy bend over backwards to provide “medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.”

People are the guinea pigs in this shockingly irresponsible experiment. Talk about contexts? The ultimate context is what a drug does to a person’s consciousness, and how a person will live as a result… long after the Ayahuasca high fades.

For that kind of context, no research tool on earth works better than energetic literacy, which is way more than being “energy sensitive.”

Today we’ll research a Frenchman turned Ayahuasca advocate… to find very different ways that the drug impacts him. Draw your own conclusions about what the first and second Ayahuasca tour guides share in common!

ANSWERS to First Quiz about THE NEW STRONG

Quiz ANSWERS today, to help you wake up THE NEW STRONG

Quiz ANSWERS today, to help you wake up THE NEW STRONG

It’s amazing how many problems can be solved with better vibrational positioning. Even more problems can be avoided.

That is one way of summarizing the value of my new Program for Easy Vibrational Balance, which you’ll learn from “THE NEW STRONG.”

More clues come in the subtitle: Stop Fixing Yourself—And Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth!

And the sub-subtitle: (Rules & Tools for Thriving in the “Age of Awakening”)

Still, I’ve got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do, in order to communicate what this book can do for you.

Answers to the following quiz can help you put into perspective this very new approach to personal growth. You see, the very enterprise of seeking personal growth has changed now.

How I Came to Write "THE NEW STRONG"

In honor of all who have been waiting for "The dawning of the Age of Aquarius"

In honor of all who have awaited “The dawning of the Age of Aquarius”

The Shift into the Age of Awakening is the most important “non-event” that ever happened to me. (And probably to you, too, although only you can decide about that.)

How did I come to notice? And why did I wind up writing “THE NEW STRONG”?

I’m going to attempt to answer these questions here, putting together a puzzle that I have never looked at before. Surely “THE NEW STRONG” didn’t just come out of nowhere.

Puzzle Piece 1: From Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“Wake up and see the dawn. It’s just starting,” was the gist of what my guru proclaimed on January 12, 1975. He devoted that year to celebrating “The Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.” Ask me nicely and I will sing you the tune composed for the occasion by one of Maharishi’s followers:

This is the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.

Life on earth will be happy and gay.

What did we expect? That Enlightenment, a much higher state of consciousness, would be lived by ordinary people in everyday life.

I couldn’t wait. All I wanted to do for the rest of my life was to help make that happen.

Might I Recommend that You Read "THE NEW STRONG" S..l..o..w..l..y

This Aha! may help you gain the most from reading "THE NEW STRONG"

This Aha! may help you gain the most from reading “THE NEW STRONG”

Blog-Buddies, with all my other books I have recommended that you do a quick skim-read and let the various ideas go “Boing-boing-boing” in your brain. Then later, you return to go through the book bit by bit.

But this particular book, “THE NEW STRONG,” was written to encourage a process of waking up and aligning better vibrationally

The process of reading (in addition to the Rules & Tools included as content) can help awaken you to living now, aligning you better, given the different ways that Earth School works now vibrationally.

Nowhere in the book itself does it say, “This Program for Easy Vibrational Balance” is best read slowly. However, this is true.

Why AURA READING Can Help You Gain ENLIGHTENMENT. Not the Other Way Around. Part 2.

Living with Stage One Energetic Literacy has a lot in common with being a toddler

Living with Stage One Energetic Literacy has a lot in common with being a toddler

Let our Age of Awakening conversation continue, a shakeup of old assumptions. Together let’s question traditional ideas about Enlightenment and reading auras, ideas that I consider to be unworthy of this age. (And unworthy of you, if these hoary, outdated beliefs influence you now.)

Unworthy? How come? Because millions of people can now move into Enlightenment, and do it as householders. But not if they continue to seek self-realization in ways that, ironically, slow them down.

Before reading further, please see Part 1 of this short series, if you haven’t yet. It’s here: The Ugly Side of Seeking Enlightenment. And How Aura Reading Can Help You on Your Spiritual Path

Now let’s bring more clarity to replace the muddled — yet oh-so-prevalent — myth about auras. As summarized recently by GLADYS:

“I just assumed with enlightenment, the 3rd eye opens, clairvoyance and all the other clairs happen and no effort is made to develop perception.”