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The Comfortably Naked Truth about Energetic Literacy

Quick quiz: Is a crystal ball reading going to be energetic literacy or a kind of psychic reading?

Quick quiz: Is a crystal ball reading going to be energetic literacy or a kind of psychic reading?

Aura Reading can be done as energetic literacy. In RES, we use the version called Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. By contrast, psychics can teach you “Psychic development” or “Intuitive development.”

Or you can do a bit of energy sensing and be content with Stage One Energetic Literacy, a sweet beginning that often is (sadly) mistaken for full, Stage Three Energetic Literacy. This article isn’t much about basic energy sensing, indispensible though it can be for forms of energy medicine like Reiki.

Instead the purpose of this article is to clarify for you what to expect from energetic literacy, versus what to expect from psychic readings. There’s a world of difference between them.

And that includes some shocking parts that I haven’t written about before at this blog, to my recollection.

Integrity Shows


Integrity shows. When you’re human, it shows in your aura.

Integrity stands out, when you’re developing Energetic Literacy. Why would integrity matter so much?

No virtue matters more for success in life.

No quality is easier to improve.

Contest Winners Announced


Contest winners announced. Thanks to all who entered this contest for aura reading about sex appeal.

Contest news here! Who won our Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal?

This latest contest delivers an aura reading of the public figure nominated by each of our two winners.

Aura Photo – Every Photo Is One

Aura Photo

Every photo is an aura photo. Here’s an example.

Aura Photo. Every photo is an aura photo. And regular photos actually tell you more about the person than a so-called “aura photo.” Here’s why.

Aura Reading on Pointe with Ballerina Maria Tallchief

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Aura reading has so many uses. One of my favorite is to inspire and celebrate.

So let’s praise one of America’s greatest artists, in a discipline where it is perfectly normal for the women to walk around on tiptoe. No tentative tiptoeing, either, but movement so boldly that one forgets that a grown woman’s weight may balance just on one big toe.

Face Reading Brian Williams for Integrity

Face reading celebrity broadcaster Brian Williams

Face reading celebrity broadcaster Brian Williams

Face reading for integrity? Sure.

Third Place Winner in our recent Mystery Solving Face Reading Contest is famed news anchor Brian Williams from “NBC Nightly News.” PAIGE provided this thought-provoking nomination, with plenty of face reading details she is curious about:

How much does he love the limelight?? What about integrity??

Also he has such an interesting face, his chin goes in one direction and his nose in the other. His crooked mouth. Way before I had knew anything about face reading I would notice his crooked face.

Your Aura Shows. 10 Ways.


Don’t panic. Not even the most teensy panic, please, because your aura has slipped out. Or, to be more accurate, your aura is just plain showing.

Yet one more reason to learn aura reading ? Discovering more of the truth about yourself that other people can read about you any time. Aura-level truth shows in your auric modeling. A truth that can help you succeed in career… in personal relationships… or not.

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Jessica Chastain, a Guest Post by Jordan

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Blog-Buddy JORDAN is ready for anyone’s aura. She has such solid skills for aura reading that it isn’t a question of “Can I read auras?” or “What color is my aura?”

Auras are crammed with bits and bytes of useful information. When JORDAN is curious and she can find a photo, in she goes. That’s energy literacy for you, literacy on demand!

To a skilled aura reader, like JORDAN, every photo is an aura photo.

Aura Reading Elvis Presley, How Fame Changed His Aura

Elvis Presley, still in the building dedicated to aura reading research

Aura Reading Elvis Presley, who’s never left the building (to some fans, anyway)

Aura Reading Elvis Presley. Let’s compare how Elvis’s aura changed during the course of his storied career. Revealing answers to some Big Elvis Questions!

Auras aren’t really changed by fame, of course. Not by love or money, political power, being named “Pope,” or any measure of worldly success. Each human is responsible for the use of free will. That’s what will most strongly affect a person’s aura over time.

Even the impact of collective consciousness, recently discussed at this blog, depends on choice. Social pressures, of every kind, can be increased or diminished based on one’s  willingness to participate in those powerful subconscious forces.

Perspective on the Sex Scandals of Great Enlightened World Gurus


No one post could wrap up all the loose ends to our ongoing group exploration of sex scandals among the Enlightened. My contribution today aims to share one spiritual teacher’s perspective on a certain group of Enlightened men.

This cohort of world gurus uplifted millions, yet their personal reputations have been tarnished by scandal. Examples of these world teachers: