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Find Your Vibrational Balance in the Age of Awakening


Here's a hint about the nature of vibrational reality.

Ice can give you a hint about the  vibrational nature of reality on earth.

As I continue introductions to that new resource for you, “THE NEW STRONG” paperback and eBook, let’s take a practical approach today.

THE NEW STRONG is a way of life that’s open to you.

What’s the purpose of this how-to book? To help you turn the possibility of a much better life in the Age of Awakening into a reality.

Skilled Empath Merges… When Your Gifts Include ANIMAL EMPATH ABILITY

If fascinated by animals, is Skilled Empath Merge just the thing you need? Maybe not.

If you’re fascinated by animals, is Skilled Empath Merge just the thing you need? Maybe not.

Ready to learn more about the appropriate uses of deeper perception? If that isn’t part of making it practical, what is!

And the timing of this conversation at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” couldn’t be better, as I’m thinking a lot these days about helping empaths, preparing for my once-a-year  empath coaching in a group, with the Empath Empowerment Workshop.

Some empaths have been having a spirited conversation over a fascinating topic over at Ask Your Questions about RES. Let the educational experience begin with Comment 53 by ANONYMOUS.

Skilled Empath Merges with Spiders?

Candid Thoughts on Rap. A Guest Post by ISABELLA C.

What is the impact on your aura of garbage in the form of music?

What is the impact on your aura of garbage in the form of music?

Rap music may well impact your energy field, whether you purposely listen to it or not.

Yesterday we heard a Millennial male share his thoughts about rap music. Today a Millennial female speaks up. I’d like to hear from more of you Blog-Buddies on your reactions to Kanye West and, beyond that, rap music in general.

As a smart Post-New-Age consumer, that matters to YOU. Performances do impact you, all the way down to your aura.

STUFF can result. Frozen blocks can be deposited. And, of course, listening to any performer with interest for a minute or longer will almost always result in your having a cord of attachment to that performer. As well as a spiritual tie. However large. However lovely.

You DO know what the exception is right? About why you might not have a cord of attachment to that performer.  

Toss your answer into our COMMENT box below, Blog-Buddies. Hint: Very likely, the answer is not what you’re expecting.

And if you care about protecting yourself energetically, whether you like rap music or not, you have skin in this game.

Whether you’re a Millennial or not, you did not grow up in a time before radio. Or sound recordings. Entertainment is not just done by the wandering minstrel or the great travelling storyteller who visits your village every few years.

Estonian Publisher Makes RES Energetic Literacy Available

Read Estonian? Then you can easily explore "Aura Reading Through All Your Senses"

Much of the world has good reason to thank Estonia, and I do too.

What was the big-deal political event in Estonia this past week? Lawmakers voted to legalize equality for same-sex partnerships.

Thus, Estonia became the first former Soviet republic to recognize any form of marriage equality. This is, at least, a giant step forward. As a result of this legislation, civil unions in Estonia will be the accorded the same benefits whether heterosexual or same-sex. Not quite the same rights as married couples, not true marriage equality. Still, it’s a giant step forward in simple fairness.

I look forward to the day when my little nation in North America — you know, the one with 50 states — also accords gay and lesbian couples equal financial, social, and health benefits, plus legal protection for children.

Should energy knowledge go open-source? A guest post by Grace W.



What is your passion about spiritual growth? Recently I hosted a guest post about waking up to awareness of energy by Blog-Buddy JEREMY. The question of open-source, or free, teaching quickly surfaced.

Speaking of energy, there has been a lot of energy around this conversation. So I decided to officially open up a new topic on this open-source energy knowledge theme by turning the latest detailed comment into a guest post. Go, GRACE W.!

Funny, isn’t it? One comment [at the link given in our first paragraph of today’s post] read:

“… I mentioned if it was education or something that could really help people it might be better to be free. I think you do on some level limit who can partake by charging a lot of money…”

I can’t help but wonder about this comment. If someone waxed eloquent about how fabulous it would be for whatever it is that you provide through your business be provided free of charge to the world, would you quit asking for money and then give it away for free?

If the answer is no, I’d suggest transferring that logic to the situations of the many hard-working creators of that knowledge that I’m understanding you’re saying ought to be provided for free.

As an educator, I work with knowledge all the time. I’m not sure if you understand how the whole open-source thing lands on the ears of those who are in the position of simply wanting to earn a decent living providing the services they provide — with standards.

Disappointed by the lack of tenderness in your life?


Helping clients with Energy Spirituality, I come across terrible suffering on a regular basis. I do what I can to facilitate help.

Most clients come back for multiple sessions, which is how cumulative progress is made. Sometimes it takes several healing sessions for a person to get this very important Aha!:

Long-term emotional and spiritual healing cannot just involve taking out. It’s tremendously important to also put in more of what will really improve your quality of life.

Sense of Self with Energetic Literacy


Oh, how it rocked your world, even if you no longer remember.

When you began to have true literacy with regular old words on a page or a street sign, golly! As an adult, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a close encounter of the adorable kind with someone who is newly literate.

The kid will be reading constantly, picking out letters or words. Yelling and wiggling with glee! For that short, thrilling era, the kid’s sense of self is all about literacy.