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An Empath Finds Self-Acceptance. A Guest Post by KIRA

Kira Heston, singing with right-sized wings

Kira Heston, singing with right-sized wings

I mentioned in the Facebook Empath Empowerment Skills group that disparate parts of my life tend to connect themselves up in interesting ways, and that things I wrote years ago sometimes wind up having even more meaning to the current me–well, here’s a prime example of that.

I was thinking about a recent RES session with Rose as I was drifting to sleep. And because my thoughts were drifting, I wound up wondering if I were to send her a recorded copy of me singing (this was hypothetical), which song would I choose?

And I got a startlingly clear answer that it could be “Spread Your Wings,” which is the only one I have recorded that I actually wrote.

The Mystery of Enlightenment Coaching

Celebrating your magnificent, mysterious path

Celebrating your magnificent, mysterious path

Heard from Joe early in his first session with me:

“Everything is going great. It’s hard to think of any area for improvement. I just want a general aura healing, like you can cut my cords and find anything else that’s in the way.”

Then, after 30 minutes, came this from Joe:

“Yeah, I’ve been having a midlife crisis.”

Jesus is reputed to have said, “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” However, there was a context for this advice: “When you give to the needy.”

Internal numbness makes for a lousy way of life!

And gee, do you think this sort of compartmentalization helps people much on their personal paths to God?

Enlightenment Means Integration of Life

By definition, people can’t usually find the dull spots on their own, consciously note the glitches. Making things trickier, the joy of some awakening experiences can actually confuse a person. Why?

How Curious Am I about Enlightenment?

So many paths to Enlightenment seem promising. How can you choose wisely?

So many paths to Enlightenment seem promising. How can you choose wisely?

Recently I have found many people drawn to conversations about Enlightenment. Some watch interviews given by people like me. Others are signing up for meditation courses. Online experts appeal to some.

If you’re reading this, you know. Many today are very curious indeed about Enlightenment. So much is available now that appeals to your curiosity.

Well, this is going to be one of my more controversial blog posts. But I’ll lead up to it gently.

Is Enlightenment a fairly new idea for you? Or have you been questing for quite a while?

And at what point did you ever use terms like Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Self-Actualization, or Spiritual Awakening?

I’m especially looking forward to comments at the end of this post about your story:

When DID you first become interested in the idea of Enlightenment?