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ERICA Enlightenment. RES Enlightenment Validation

ERICA Enlightenment

ERICA Enlightenment. Come learn about the latest member of our RES community to move into a permanent higher state of consciousness.

ERICA Enlightenment. It’s the highlight of my day, having just facilitated RES Enlightenment Validation during a Skype session.

Onto the Enlightenment Life List she goes. The main one.

And also the list of folks from our informal RES community. People who have moved into Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Dazzles. Now for Romana

Enlightenment Dazzles.

Enlightenment Dazzles. So come meet ROMANA, the latest in our online community to move into Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Dazzles.

Every time I facilitate Enlightenment Validation, what happens? Again, I’m struck by each person’s unique beauty. A world class beauty.

Aura-level dazzle that sets the standard for all of us: How dazzling each of us can be. Brilliantly human!

Enlightenment Dazzles Because…

Latest Enlightenment Success. LIANE Wins.

Latest Enlightenment Success

Latest Enlightenment Success. One more committed Christian from our online community has moved into Enlightenment.

Latest Enlightenment Success. With gratitude and awe, as usual.. I welcome someone new to the Enlightenment Life List. Cosmic congratulations, Blog-Buddy LIANE!

Without making public the private details of her phone session last night. Here’s as much of the story as this Enlightenment Coach can share here.

Enlightenment Inspiration

Enlightenment inspiration

Enlightenment inspiration, even in the time of Trumpism! From Enlightenment Coach Rose Rosetree

Enlightenment inspiration is available always. Even in the time of Trump. Truth is, we are all able to evolve extra fast now. Granted, these times challenge us to show what we’re made of.

Here are five ways to accelerate spiritual awakening and move toward Enlightenment. (Including a link to a just-released YouTube from this Enlightenment Coach.)

How My Enlightenment Coaching Works. Celebrating BEV, Newest Member of the Enlightenment Life List.

Enlightenment Coaching for Bev, for all who are interested.

Enlightenment Coaching for BEV. Three stories illustrate how this coaching works.

BEV UPSHUR is the latest addition to my Enlightenment Life List. BEV has also gone onto the separate list I maintain for people from this community who have moved into that higher state of consciousness. In her honor, today’s article explores how my Enlightenment Coaching DOES and DOESN’T work.

Whether you call it Householder Enlightenment, spiritual awakening (as an established state of consciousness), Self-Realization, or psychological self-actualization…

This state of consciousness is dawning now. In fact, here’s my favorite way of describing The Age of Awakening:

Now we live in a time when millions of people can move into Enlightenment. And do it as householders!

Enlightenment Life List Addition Today

Enlightenment opens up for one more member of the RES community

Enlightenment opens up for one more member of the RES community

Enlightenment Life List Addition for today? Yep. It’s… KYLER.

First name is plenty for now, she says.

(And if some of you know this KYLER already, please refrain from commenting below about how you know her. Congratulations and other comments would be most welcome.)

I just got off the phone with her, using that “Enlightenment Validation Procedure” that I use on occasion.

To this Enlightenment Coach, this is as joyful an occasion as there can be.

I’ll be adding her to our ongoing lists. After dinner, methinks. (It’s now 10 p.m. A good day, but lots of it.)

For now, big congratulations, KYLER.

Are You Interested in Enlightenment? Or Not.

What Enlightenment Is

Enlightenment Coach Rose Rosetree, introducing you to her Enlightenment Life List

Enlightenment Coach Rose Rosetree, introducing you to her Enlightenment Life List

Today I uploaded a video to introduce the Enlightenment Life List. Blog-Buddies, the video was taken last weekend at my Aura Reading Level 2 Workshop.

It’s a something. Not fancy. But at least maybe you can find some useful information there.

Golly, that could be my epitaph, you know! The video lighting is so NOT flattering, and oboy, this is not nice to do to a woman of 68! But no repining…

Here’s a link to the newly uploaded Intro to my Enlightenment Life List.

And an answer to the question, “What is Enlightenment?”

Here’s my perspective, as someone who — over the years — has become an Enlightenment Coach.

Golly, We're Getting Close to 24,000 Comments

Celebrating with you, Blog-Buddies

Celebrating with you, Blog-Buddies

Thanks so much to all you Blog-Buddies for making this such a lively, inquisitive, respectful, kind online community. Where your comments are such a juicy part of this blog. 🙂

Thank you for joining me in developing skills that work in the Age of Aquarius.

Because that is what these conversations are about, in historical context.

For those of you who follow our ongoing research progress at the Enlightenment Life List, today we had a fantastic range of nominees being researched.

If you’re curious, just check out Comments 1713 – 1721. Plus whichever comments you’all add. Suffice it to say, this was some bunch o’ nominees!


Paula Lawley joins my Enlightenment Life List

May Enlightenment flower within you

May Enlightenment flower within you

It’s simple, really. PAULA LAWLEY is a mother, active in her Christian church, helping her son to move towards becoming an Eagle Scout.

Professionally PAULA is equally a powerhouse. She works in technology, communications, media, and marketing.

No current photo is available, but I just got off the phone with her. At the end of our session, I used my procedure for Enlightenment Validation.

And now she is #19 at the list of folks in this informal Energy Spirituality community who have moved into Enlightenment. On the regular Enlightenment Life List, she is right up there. Take a look!

Paula’s non-dramatic path to Enlightenment

Although not very active at this blog (so far, anyway), PAULA has done sessions with me off and on since 2010. I’m so glad she attended that talk I gave at the Reston Public Library.

Ananda for AMANDA, newest member of our Enlightenment Life List

Enlightenment Coach Rose is so proud of AMANDA FLOOD

Enlightenment Coach Rose is so proud of AMANDA

Ananda” means bliss, the sort of Divine-perfumed happiness that each of us can experience from time to time.

When that ananda becomes available always, like the background on this screen you are reading, very likely you have moved into Enlightenment.

Such is the case for AMANDA, a member of this informal Energy Spirituality community. For years she has been moving forward rapidly on her path of personal development. Since I’m Facebook friends with AMANDA, I get to see the photographs she posts from time to time.

Recently one stopped me in my tracks. These days I don’t slip-slide into empath merges or other Technique Time; altogether my energy hygiene has improved a lot over the years. Still, how can I put this?