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Welcome, JEAN, to Enlightenment

Householder Enlightenment dawns for JEAN

Householder Enlightenment dawns for JEAN

Yesterday JEAN and I were having one of our phone sessions. This wonderful client has had sessions with me, off and on, since 2011.

  • Sessions of aura healing and transformation.
  • Sessions of aura reading research.
  • Also, on her path of personal development, JEAN has chosen to learn the skills of Empath Empowerment®. For years she has lived as a very skilled empath.

Over the years JEAN has been blossoming into her human life. Actually, for more than a year, I have wondered when she was going to move into Enlightenment. Would it be today?

On October 27, 2015, soon as I did the session’s early-on Skilled Empath Merge, I laughed in delight.

Because something was up. Someone was up. Up into a higher state of consciousness.

I had that special feeling… that today was the day to make JEAN’s shift in consciousness official.

Discerning Enlightenment, Why It Matters

Rose Rosetree, Enlightenment Coach

Rose Rosetree, using discernment as an Enlightenment Coach

Keeping an Enlightenment Life List! The nerve! For that I draw upon skills as an Enlightenment Coach to discern Enlightenment accurately.

Well, yes, I do believe that discerning Enlightenment is one of the appropriate things for me to do as an Enlightenment Coach. It’s more than Stage Three Energetic Literacy, although aura reading is part of it.