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Ex-Atheist. A Guest Post

PRIMMIE's portrait as an ex-atheist, moving forward differently now on her path to Enlightenment

PRIMMIE’s portrait as an ex-atheist, from spiritual awakening towards Enlightenment

Ex-Atheist. In this Guest Post, PRIMMIE describes how a spiritual awakening knocked her right out of atheism.

Years later, she moved into Enlightenment. As documented by a guest post she wrote three years later. (Just check out the contrast between her photos. Startling and inspiring!)

What about RES? PRIMMIE had a session with me years ago, when I taught RES skills in London. At the College of Psychic Studies. And, by the time of this article, she had been commenting actively at this blog for years. Starting in 2010.

Here follows PRIMMIE’s beautiful guest post about the impact of an experience of spiritual awakening.