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Exiting Cults with Help from Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Top 10 List.

Exiting cults, Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) can help. These Top 10 posts can introduce you.

Exiting cults, Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) can help. These Top 10 posts can introduce you.

Protect yourself from cults, and receive help for exiting cults. That’s the point of this Top 10 Post.

Adjusting to this new Age of Awakening, cults may be more tempting than ever. And, of course, no cult ever announced itself as such.

Exiting a cult. A guest post by "Ray"

Blog-Buddies, we are lucky that talented writer RAY has offered a guest post today on the theme of exiting a cult.

He shares so beautifully about his process of cult exiting. The factors he identifies as most cult-like are important, I think, for any of us who have chosen to deprogram and exit a cult.

Cult Recognition Quiz — THE ANSWERS



Merriam–Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary doesn’t define cults well.  (See Carol’s excellent Comment 10 in our Cult Recognition Quiz. Just in case you ever wanted to read a dictionary definition for “cult.”)

Of course, the dictionary business is different from doing deprogramming or helping people exit from cults.

Magnetize Money (And Other) Tips for December

As you prepare for that merry month of December, Blog-Buddies, here are a few practical tips to get the most from the Magnetize Money Program (in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy) and the rest of this blog:

1. Take that quiz before the answers come out.

Some of you have already been experimenting, and commenting here, about the Cult Recognition Quiz. It’s much more fun to do the quiz before answers come out.

On Leaving a Meditation Cult, a Guest Post by Brenda


In today’s guest post, “Brenda” shares a wrenching personal story with an increasingly happy ending. I feel very grateful to have been a healing resource for Brenda, as with others who have left various cults. At the end, I’ll pop back with a few comments. Now the spotlight belongs to this exceptionally courageous soul.

In high school I watched a documentary about a cult. People put on orange and worshiped a man who didn’t deserve it. I shook my head.