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Alexander McCall Smith Aura Reading. Plot Twist!

Alexander McCall Smith Aura Reading

Alexander McCall Smith Aura Reading — with a plot twist for the famous author.

This Alexander McCall Smith aura reading does contain a plot twist. Not one from his popular novels but from his aura itself.

How did our latest aura reading story get started?

Blog-Buddy GILLIAN piqued my curiosity. Telling me this interesting fact about Alexander McCall Smith. Amazingly productive, he is the author of the “No 1 Ladies Detective Agency” series.

He writes 1000 words per hour. Amazingly, on a normal writing day he produces 5000 words.

Removing Brain Fog with Help from Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

Don't be scared by brain fog. Just do something about it.

Don’t be scared by brain fog. Just do something about it.

What can you do about brain fog? Surely that is a timely question to answer, given the prevalence of mental confusion for many today. Brain fog has even been called a modern epidemic.

Let’s wrap up our recent series on brain fog and get practical about improving our lives.

Today’s controversial post also invites you to spiritual leadership.

Join all of us who are leading collective consciousness, with auric modeling that demonstrates how to live a pretty darned balanced life, even during these early days and years of the new Age of Aquarius.

1. Position yourself vibrationally by limiting technique time

You’ve already read it here at the blog. Limit yourself to 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. This can make such a difference for your quality of life.

No finicky lifestyle recommendation, this will help you keep your balance energetically during this time after The Shift. During this new Age of Energy, all of us are learning how to energetically keep our balance.

How I would help a client in recovery from pot, heroin, or other drugs

Rose Rosetree, sharing ways you can help people in recovery from substance abuse

Rose Rosetree, sharing ways you can help people in recovery from substance abuse

So many searching questions have been prompted by yesterday’s aura reading research into what heroin did to Philip Seymour Hoffman, did to him energetically and subconsciously and humanly. Today’s post is a brief response. Here I will summarize my approach to substance recovery, using the example of heroin. Rest assured, you could substitute the name of any addictive drug, taken for recreational purposes or self-medication. Or you could name alcohol.

Not cigarettes, though. Not every addictive substance is dangerous energetically.

The heart of today’s article is a detailed list of particular forms of subconscious STUFF that may be blocking full recovery.

Big disclaimer upfront: I am neither a substance abuse counselor, nor a licensed mental health professional, nor licensed in any healing profession at all, unless you count Hypnotism and Past-Life Regression. I do offer a Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality that trains professionals who could help addicts in recovery.

When enough have graduated from this program, we can develop a formal certification. So far, I cannot even promise that. Graduation with these professional skills does not confer a legal credential like the NGH-Certified Hypnosis Instruction I will be giving this March.

But if today’s post inspires any of you to work with me in the field of recovery, let’s discuss what you can do to help people who are struggling with recovery.

What is an exorcism?


Some of you Blog-Buddies have expressed curiosity about exorcisms. I would be curious too.

“Exorcism” is a word most of us have heard. But what, really, is an exorcism?

To this healer, facilitating an exorcism is simply one of the skills of Energy Spirituality. It’s not the first one I teach. In fact, it’s the last one I teach.

Facilitating an exorcism is not even included in my Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality, more like a post-graduate skill. Still, I do facilitate this type of healing when it is useful.

How often? One year, I kept statistics just for fun. In 2009 I did, as usual, a bit more than 1,000 session hours with clients. That included 32 sessions where the healing centerpiece was an exorcism. So this isn’t an everyday skill used in Energy Spirituality. It’s not unusual for me to do more than 32 sessions in a week! Yet the need for exorcisms isn’t shriekingly rare, either.

The need for an exorcism occurs when an astral being has entered into a person’s auric field and shares it, draining more and more energy over time.

So here’s your chance to gain some knowledge about an aspect of Energy Spirituality and aura healing where much confusion exists. As usual, share your reactions and experiences, and ask your questions, in the COMMENTS section at the end of this post.

Aura Reading of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Best Celebrity Aura Readings



What, am I going to post an aura reading of somebody that weird and wicked?

No. Yes. No. I have gone back and forth.

The Washington Post decided me. My once proud newspaper has been suffering from an identity crisis. It doesn’t know whether to try for being the New York Times or the trashy New York Post. Witness a front page story in the Style section, July 4, about Dominique Strauss-Kahn. This gossipy piece reported how other media react to the latest turn in the scandal, presumably so the Post could help readers leer without seeming to leer.

Japan Up, Down, and Sideways


Yes, Blog-Buddies, I’ve been in Tokyo a week now. What hasn’t changed are the skills: Empath Empowerment, Aura Reading, Cutting Cords of Attachment, Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, Energy Release Regression Therapy, the various skills of Aura Healing and Transformation.

Otherwise, everything becomes topsy turvy in that familiar way that happens whenever I’m here. Spinny rides at amusement parks are dull by comparison. If Trip #10 is like the others, as the weeks go by I’ll get used to the spinning, sort of, as if I became a human gyroscope.

What Not to Tell


“Kaitlyn” thought she was doing my client, Yvonne, a favor.

Kaitlyn is a bodyworker, a talented one, too. One of the things Yvonne loves about her is that Kaitylyn can do aura reading.

Just one problem. Kaitlyn hasn’t yet learned the #1 rule of ethics for Aura Reading.

When an Empath Looks in a Mirror

rose rosetree, empath





Oh, the merriment! Four heads, 19 noses!

Wait, that’s my blog post for another planet.

Here on Earth, I’ve taken surveys when teaching classes to empaths. Let’s include you right now:

What is a Session of Aura Reading Research?

Aura Reading






Aura Reading sessions — what really happens during them?

This email just came from “Jeanette,” and she asked such great questions, I thought I’d share our exchange with the rest of you Blog Buddies:

Walking in a WATER Wonderland


One song I don’t expect to hear in Tokyo is the Christmas classic, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” Of course, you never can predict which songs you will hear; my first day of this trip, I was shopping for coffee mugs in a dollar store when, over the loudspeaker, came a series of songs with Frank Sinatra that I’d never heard before.

Really, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Old Blue Eyes sing “Old Man River.”