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ONEderful August 2017

ONEderful August 2017

ONEderful August 2017. Even on the very first day of this long month, you can find reasons to celebrate. Join us!

ONEderful August 2017. The latest month of your amazing journey in life begins today.

Already you know it’s going to be a generous collection of days. After today, we’ll still have 30 to go. And, in this hemisphere, that means 30 more very hot days.

Much to look forward to.

Below are some of the highlights that I anticipate. Shared to prime the pump. So you can start thinking of possibilities and, maybe, gratitude. And maybe even feel inspired to share some of your hunches and hopes about this magnificent month.

A DIVERSITY Face Reading Contest

Announcing our latest Face Reading Contest

Announcing our latest Face Reading Contest

Announcing our new face reading contest, hooray! Here’s your chance to propose public figures whose faces you’d like me to read. And yes,  it’s a DIVERSITY Face Reading Contest.

Diversity was discussed in the last blog post: Honoring Diversity with Face Reading

Today, let’s get to specifics about this new face reading contest. It’s open through October 15, 2016. How can you enter?

How to Enter our Honoring Diversity Face Reading Contest