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Valentine’s Day Face Reading Gifts

Valentine’s Day Face Reading Gifts. Wonderfully memorable!

Valentine’s Day Face Reading Gifts.

Hey, have you made plans yet? Because have I ever got some great-and-memorable gift ideas for you! In plenty of time for the big day.

Face Reading Zelensky. Contest Prize #2.

Face Reading Zelensky. Good reason for curiosity, when it comes to President Zelensky of Ukraine!

After all he’s been through, what shows in his face? Not expression, but his physical face data. So revealing, what about his face has been shaped by his soul, over time! Meaningful, at least, to those who have awakened the power of face reading.

Robert Smith Face Reading. Generosity!

Robert Smith Face Reading. Grab your mirror and see if you’ve got similarities with this remarkable philanthropist!

Robert Smith Face Reading. This year, his surprise generosity paid for an entire graduating class at Morehouse University.

Fortunately, Blog-Buddy BRITTANY nominated him at our Heroes Face Reading Contest. Thus, winning the first of three contest prizes.

Face Reading Senator Bernie Sanders

Rose Rosetree loves to read faces

Rose Rosetree loves to read faces

Today’s face reading is the first in an occasional series of profiles of American presidential and (one of these days) vice-presidential candidates. Sometimes face readings, sometimes aura readings, maybe the occasional Skilled Empath Merge.

My friend Bill Bronrott inspired me to get started already. Bill has served in the Maryland House of Delegates, then accepted a Presidential appointment at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Bill helped to Launch Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He also helped me unforgettably in the early days of my career. So when Bill talks, I listen.

Today we’ll start with face reading one of the two winners of yesterday’s presidential primary in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders. (Here’s a profile of Sanders in a liberal magazine, “The New Yorker.”)