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Face Reading Parade. A Contest to Inspire.

Face Reading Parade

Face Reading Parade. May it inspire you.

Face Reading Parade. Every day, you and I march in a parade of faces. But meaning is lacking.

Not now, though. Our latest contest is meant to inspire you.

Just think of our most recent post, Face Reading Treat. Thank you, Jessica and Derek Simmons. Both the faces in our tale of everyday heroism… were perfect. How did these two people possess exactly the leadership needed?

Face reading their soul-level characteristics helped make it clear.

Face Reading Treat. Thank you, Jessica and Derek Simmons.

Face Reading Treat — that’s what you deserve today, Blog-Buddies. And you’re going to get one. In fact, you’ll get four.

As I use physiognomy skills to celebrate good Samaritans Jessica and Derek Simmons. (You’ll face no rip current, either. Although you might need a hankie.)

First, some backstory.

Eight swimmers nearly perished yesterday. Swimming at a Florida beach. Where there was no lifeguard. After a riptide pulled these unsuspecting body surfers into the waves.

Face Reading Richard Wilson

Not the famous actor Richard Wilson (whose face I will read for you today)

Not the famous actor Richard Wilson (whose face I will read for you today)

Along with ISABELLE, JESSICA GATES won our last contest in 2014, “What did you learn about deeper perception in 2014

Her choice was to receive a face reading of an actor she admires, the Scottish actor and broadcaster, Richard Wilson. Why?

He’s been on this planet for a while, and has developed some interesting asymmetries, especially around his eyes and his eyebrows.”

Face Reading Book Review. "The NEW Power of Face Reading"

Face Reading Book Review.

Face Reading Book Review. — thanks to JORDAN. But here AJ poses with one of Rose’s earlier books.

Face Reading Book Review. Evaluating the new one, “The New Power of Face Reading.”

But I thought I’d start with this great photo of Blog-Buddy AJ. He was tickled pink after discovering this old treasure. Yes, this was the second of my books on physiognomy, “I Can Read Your Face” as published by Bantam-Doubleday-Dell.

I was tickled pink recently when I learned that Pathways Magazine had published a review of my baby book for 2013, “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” Below is the review by Blog-Buddy JORDAN.

In 2010, Give Your Face Credit

power of face reading, rose rosetree





A recent session reminded me how important Face Reading is when you’re going through a growth spurt of evolution. And evolution is exactly what all of us are going through in this new decade, evolution at a faster frequency than in decades and centuries past.

Gladys was worried about her new wrinkles. We were sitting in session, doing a Soul’s Journey Reading. Mostly we compared her face and aura on The Big Wedding Day vs. now, some 30 years later.

Aura Reading & Face Reading at Expo Talk


If you’re local, you know all about the Pathways Natural Living Expo. For 32 years, it has been an annual tradition.

I’ll be giving a workshop, included in Expo admission, first thing that morning, 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, October 4. That’s exactly one month away, right?

READINGS, READINGS, READINGS TO LIVE LIFE DEEPER will be the topic. Besides giving an overview about Aura Reading, Empath Merge, and Face Reading… there will of course be Q&A.

Rose Rosetree Radio Interviews in July


Wow, Blog-Buddies, I must really be back home, because radio interviews are starting up again.

If YOU have a talk show you like or a favorite blog that does interviews and takes comments, please let them know about my doing Face Reading, Aura Reading, and Empath Empowerment.

X-Zone Radio will host a Face Reading Interview

Last Free Face Reading Before Japan

Face Reading, Rose Rosetree







Posh Supper Club is having me back tomorrow to give free Face Readings. That tasty, trendy spot in downtown D.C. has me available from 6 – 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13.

I’m especially excited to be going this time because it’s my last gig doing free Face Readings anywhere before I leave for a month in Japan.

Face Reading will tell you about gifts of your soul. Sit down like the brave lady pictured above and I’ll seek out a couple of distinctive items of Face Reading Data, things like cheek proportions or the shape of your lower lip.

Aura Readings and Face Readings — Media Interviews






We have so much to cover, Blog-Buddies, reporting on the Democratic Convention and, soon, the Republican Convention, using the techniques that rescue voters from spin: reading faces, reading auras, discerning interesting body language, even doing empath-merges (when wise)!

Currently I’m finishing up in-depth articles about Senator Biden, the Vice-Presidential nominee, for the September issue of my monthly zine, “Reading Life Deeper.” To sign up for the free zine, click here. Then scroll over to the signup link.

Interview requests are beginning to come in from the media. Check these out:

Calling All Identical Twins: Face Readings to Inspire You


Face readers, do you share my interest in twins?

Twins have fascinated me for most of my life. You may know a lot I don’t on this topic — including what it feels like to BE a twin or to be the parent or child or a twin. But I’ll bet you haven’t thought much about being a twin from the perspective of PHYSIOGNOMY, the ancient art of reading faces for character.