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Friendship Potentials, Age of Awakening

Friendship Potentials

Friendship Potentials are different now. Hint: It’s pretty hard to find a photo of friends together that DOESN’T display the outdated items that shows in today’s photo. Can you spot them? (See Comment 1.)

Friendship Potentials! Learn 10 ways to build a better social life in The Age of Awakening. Because great change can bring you great opportunity.

Already we’ve begun to explore “Changing Friendships in the Age of Awakening.” Now it’s time for Part Two of this series.

Friendship Potentials 1. Spiritual Evolution Is Crazy-Variable Now

Help Facebook Empaths

Help Facebook Empaths

Help Facebook Empaths — I did it in Japan. Teaching a workshop on Empath Empowerment® . You can help spread the word!

Help Facebook Empaths. If you go on Facebook, you can do a lot of educating. Call people on the nonsense they’re sharing about being empaths! (Gently)

Here’s what got me going on this informal project to Help Facebook Empaths.

Face Reading Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


It isn’t easy, face reading the newlyweds. But hey! Somebody’s got to do it… at least if she aims to do a Relationship Reading of Facebook Royalty Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan.

What makes this job tough? Reading faces on anyone really requires that you take a good look at that person’s face. Head shots are in short supply with wedding pictures for these lovebirds. Here’s what I had to do, as your resourceful physiognomist reporter. Started with the large Zuckerberg wedding picture, opened up in a separate window.

Mark Zuckerberg, Relationship Reading

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Want an extra reason to be happy today?

Here in Sterling, Virginia, it is a glorious Monday morning. Perfection of weather, promise in the garden, and lovebirds a singing.

Wherever and whenever you are, adding on to all your other reasons to enjoy this day… check out this picture of Mr. and Ms. Mark Zuckerberg. To open the photo in a different window, you might prefer this smaller, faster-loading photo suitable for body language, face reading, aura reading.

Mark Zuckerberg Aura Reading. His Magnetize Money Profile

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Mark Zuckerberg Aura Reading.

Mark who? Oh, you know. The Facebook founder is unbelievably rich. He’s famous. Basically, the man seems to have it all. But let’s use some deeper perception to learn more about this young guy with the uncanny streak of success.

Today we’ll continue our exploration of Mark Elliott Zuckerberg, reading his aura during a work situation. Reading his aura from a photo. Specifically, reading parts of his aura called “chakra databanks.” He’s got hundreds of these. (Just like you and me.) And many of them pertain to work.

If our previous face readings of him made you curious, so much the better.

Face Reading Mark Zuckerberg


Best Celebrity Aura Readings


What a week for the Facebook co-founder. First the surprise wedding. Reportedly it astonished the 100 guests at a little party that turned out to be much more.

Then the stock offering of Facebook.

Then the downward slide of his stock in its first few IPO days.

What Energy Spirituality taught me in 2010


Over 1,000 personal session hours again this year — of course, spending so much healing time with clients has taught me something in 2010. Of course, looking back, I’m awed at the strength and quirkiness of all my clients. Naturally I’m grateful to God and other Divine Beings; when invited to help, they made the healing happen, with just a bit of teamwork from my side.

That doesn’t change. But the learning does. Here is my favorite healing aha! from 2010.