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Quiet Destiny Matters, Too

Quiet Destiny

Quiet Destiny — don’t underestimate the power (and spiritual privilege) of NOT being famous

Quiet Destiny Matters, Too. When our 24/7 media proclaim intense drama, does that mean a quieter life doesn’t count for much?

Maybe quite the opposite!

Today’s post was inspired by Blog-Buddy VALERIE. Writing about the Lin-Manuel Miranda aura reading, here’s what VALERIE added to our conversation:

I really enjoyed the description of his connection to physical reality as finding himself on a date with his destiny. How lovely.

Who wouldn’t enjoy such a discovery? An electrical sense that “This really matters.”

Aura Reading to Celebrate Singer Natalie Merchant

Soulful singer Natalie Merchant, ready for her aura reading

Soulful singer Natalie Merchant, ready for her aura reading

Today’s aura reading helps to complete our prize-winningest contest ever, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

American singer and songwriter Natalie Porter  joined the alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs in 1981 and left it to begin her solo career in 1993. If you’d like to know more about Natalie Porter, here’s an introduction via a Rolling Stone interview.

In our contest here at the blog she was nominated by JULES D. In Comment 53 he wrote:

“I like her vocal style and she seems admirably confident, conscientious, and sensible. Is this just a facade, or does her aura reflect this somehow, as a lack of “stuff”?”

When FAME CRAVING Distorts Natural Charm

Fake charm doesn't have to fool aura readers.

Fake charm doesn’t have to fool aura readers.

Together we are embarked on a journey of discovery, Blog-Buddies. We have been sailing into the seductive, yet treacherous waters of Charm.

That Sea of Charm could provide a lifetime of exploration for us aura readers, skilled empaths, and face readers.

How easy it is for relatively new aura readers to be fooled. It’s tempting to think that auras produce some general impression that causes folks to be charming. With Stage One Energetic Literacy — a sweet beginning, but just a beginning — it’s so easy to be snookered.

That hunch, or lovely impression, those powerfully good, good, good, good vibrations? They can be such an oversimplification, deliberately projected and deeply manipulative.

Or someone new to Stage Three Energetic Literacy might think that one chakra databank trumps all, like the Root Chakra Databank for Personality Projected at Work.

Oh, so much more is involved. What if you’re seriously interested in protecting yourself from fake charm? Educate yourself about auric modeling and energetic literacy.

Aura Reading a Great Man You Never Heard of, Jim Bradford

Strong on the outside, how strong on the inside?

Strong on the outside, how strong on the inside?

Heroes live among us. Mostly we can’t tell.

  • Not unless we pay attention to what they do, in human reality. (Sometimes newspapers can broaden our reach.)
  • Or unless you use some of your Twenty Minutes of Daily Technique Time, Tops… to read that person’s aura or do Skilled Empath Merge or face reading.

Today I received a superb invitation to learn about a great man. It didn’t come by owl. No, the invite showed up in my morning newspaper, Metro Section of The Washington Post. The headline read, “Jim Bradford, 84. From Library of Congress to Olympic Weightlifting.”

Insatiable Desire for Fame after The Shift

How much fame can ever be enough?

How much fame can ever be enough?

Speaking of uses for aura reading, I would like to start today’s post about fame by sharing an example of energetic literacy research that touched me deeply.

BERNIE, who commented at this blog today, is hardly the only musician in our online community around Deeper Perception. Many of you Blog-Buddies are involved in the arts at a professional level, while others of you have talent in one or more of the arts. Still others of you are passionate fans.

Well, one of my clients, JOE, is a professional musician who requested a session of Aura Reading Research. JOE asked me to use Stage Four Energetic Literacy to research chakra databanks (nadis) on a colleague who is a professional singer, GLADYS.

Aura Reading Elvis Presley, How Fame Changed His Aura

Elvis Presley, still in the building dedicated to aura reading research

Elvis Presley, still in the building…. dedicated to aura reading research

Auras aren’t really changed by fame, of course. Not by love or money, political power, being named “Pope,” or any measure of worldly success. Each human is responsible for the use of free will. That’s what will most strongly affect a person’s aura over time.

Even the impact of collective consciousness, recently discussed at this blog, depends on choice. Social pressures, of every kind, can be increased or diminished based on one’s  willingness to participate in those powerful subconscious forces.

Aura reading mysterious Dave Chappelle

Best Celebrity Aura Readings

I want to nominate Dave Chappelle, one of my favorite stand up comedians. His extensive and hilarious body of work stands for itself, and he always combines off the wall, zany humor, with precise charecterization and poignant political and social commentary. When he is performing, he definitely enters a sort of flow where he energizes a room, and makes the audience members laugh. He became a superstar with his own skit show on comedy central a few years ago, but promptly left show biz and took a sabbatical to Africa when the fame became too much – a difference from some celebrities obsessed with fame and power. I’d put him as one of the top ten stand up comedians of all time.

I’m very interested in what makes him tick. His humor is not for the politically correct.

Aura Reading Whitney Houston, How She Dealt with Fame in Kali Yuga

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


On a day consecrated to love, let’s celebrate Whitney Houston. Let’s read her aura from the glory days of her career.

But let’s also bring ourselves a highly counter-culture Valentine’s Day gift — a revised perspective on love. Not everyone can become rich and famous. This is a statistical fact of life. Can we love ourselves anyway?