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Face Reading George Zimmerman

Face Reading George Zimmerman

Face Reading George Zimmerman. Fan or foe, it’s fascinating to learn about who people really are… from face data.

Face Reading George Zimmerman — why not? He’s in the news and I’m a face reader with pretty huge curiosity.

This is not going to be a rehash of George Zimmerman’s murder trial nor an exploration of what the verdict has personally meant to you or me. It’s a face reading, which you might find fascinating if you are fed up with interpreting people’s lives as though it were all about Fear of Getting Fat.

Weight Gossip. Guest Post by Adam McIntosh

Weight Gossip

Weight Gossip — Wrong! Because pursuit of The Anorexic Ideal could leave you feeling as fat as this cartoon guy. Protecting yourself is smarter.

Weight Gossip. And why acupuncturist ADAM MC INTOSH doesn’t believe in bullying patients about their weight.

As for society’s Anorexic Ideal? That’s awful.

"Fat" isn’t necessarily what you think



Summertime, summertime! The fun season of sodas and pretzels and beer. Also Energy Release Regression Therapy.

For some of my clients, anyway, summer vacation is when they make an unusual kind of pilgrimage to Sterling, Virginia. Where my sessions of past-life therapy, unlike all other types of session I offer, must be done in person. Gladys is visiting now, back for her third series of regressions.