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Hell Fear? Vanquish It.

Hell Fear

Hell Fear. These reasons not to fear Hell…  may surprise you.

Hell Fear. Many of you Blog-Buddies may relate to this terrible worry. Even some atheists can’t shake their fear of Hell.

While others of you are simply curious. What could eliminate fear of hell lurking in the corners of your subconscious mind?

(Short of chopping off your head. Ironically, even that wouldn’t work. Supposedly suicide would land you right in the hot place.)

Seriously, before we go any further… Just between you and me:

How Can You Tell If You Have Spiritual Courage? A Guest Post by IRENE

Following your own spiritual path can take courage. Modestly, IRENE describes hers.

Spiritual courage can be difficult to recognize. Modestly, IRENE describes hers.

Spiritual courage can be hard to recognize.

In this gorgeous guest post, IRENE comes to terms with her own humble, human version of spiritual courage.

The fact that Rose considered that I had a difficult upbringing — See her intro to my last guest post— took me by surprise.

People in my family didn’t hate me or ostracize me. They just guilted me. They were (and still are) sad about my choices.

I wonder, does emotional manipulation count as something that makes a childhood difficult?

Might I Have Any Impact on the "Christians" in My Family — Besides Puzzling Them? A Guest Post by IRENE

"Dead certainty is for corpses" -- Rose Rosetree in "The Empowered Empath"

“Dead certainty is for corpses.”
— Rose Rosetree in “The Empowered Empath”

My heart goes out  — and my respect twirls directly over — to Blog-Buddy IRENE. Today she has written a powerfully touching guest post about growing up in a “Christian” family.

Note: In today’s post, not just my introduction, I’m the one to put “Christian” in quotes. (Not IRENE’s idea.)

Because, really! Jesus Christ didn’t come to teach bigotry, self-righteousness, and hatred — did he?

Or is there an alternate “New Testament”? (And, quite possibly, an alternate version of “Earth,” simultaneously lived within this same world I inhabit? 😉 )

Just today, the New York Times carried an article,Pope Francis suggests Donald Trump is ‘Not Christian’ And if the Catholic Pope can use the term “Not Christian” along with so many others, I think it’s safe for a humble observer like me to at least start using some judicious quotation marks to convey irony.

An Empath's Giggle. My Favorite Story from the Pathways Expo, Spring 2014

Launching a new kind of laughter, Empath Humor

Launching a new kind of laughter, Empath Humor

An empath walked into the Kennedy Center.

That’s how this Empath Empowerment joke begins, courtesy of someone I spoke with yesterday at the think globally, act locally, amazing Natural Living Expo sponsored by Pathways Magazine (for which I write the “Energetic Literacy” column).

GLADYS, an extremely skilled empath, had a slip-up. Her empath gifts turned ON, which is unusual for her. Like any skilled empath who has used Empath Empowerment(R), GLADYS usually has the mind-body-spirit habit of keeping her empath gifts habitually turned OFF.

However, GLADYS was laughing so hard, her circuitry loosened up and her aura expanded. What was so funny? Lucky woman, she was watching “The Book of Mormon.”

Stealthily, in the midst of her laughter, GLADYS started to have the weirdest thought.