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Skilled Empath Merge with Figure Skater Ashley Wagner

Ever wonder, what happens to your aura when you fall down?

Ever wonder, what happens to your aura when you fall down?

American figure skater Ashley Wagner has just been named to the national Olympics team for figure skating. This despite a recent performance where she took a big stumble and two tumbles. The stuff of ice skater nightmares.

As described in the Christian Science Monitor:

“By the end of her performance in the free skate at the US Figure Skating Championships, even Wagner’s sequins appeared to be crying. Four years after disappointingly missing the Olympic team by one place, Wagner appeared to have done it again.”

Yowza! I was curious when I read about this controversy in The Washington Post. Why a controversy now concerning Ashley Wagner? Did she pull a Tonya Harding? No, she had that one very bad, recent performance. Consequently  many sports fans are, apparently, indignant that Ashley Wagner made the prestigious three-woman team.

I was curious to use energetic literacy to research the athlete. I have chosen to do the biggest-deepest type of aura reading research, the direct experience of Skilled Empath Merge. I’ll use the “Magic Picture” technique from Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

Why am I so curious?

  • All human beings stumble and fall.
  • Each of us has been doing it since we first demonstrated physical courage by learning to walk upright.
  • Yet few of us have the physical courage, and other forms of courage, required to become a world-class figure skater. To compete in public. To strive for Olympic gold.
  • I am curious how someone of such courage would react from a tumble, rife with public humiliation.

That’s why.