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Warning, Iambic Pentameter Alert

Some of the best gifts take a long time to open.

Some of the best gifts take a long time to open.

Blog-Buddies, usually I wouldn’t do this to you regular readers. But today I came across a Christmas poem from ages ago, before I started blogging. This one was written about a zillion years ago, a.k.a. 2004.

Yet I’m going to make it live here, yes a second poem from me this year. (Still awaiting ones from the rest of you. And thanks for private emails appreciating my official Christmas Poem for this year, already posted.)

Around here, as with you perhaps, it’s a decorating, card-sending, winter-without-snow wonderland. Mostly I’m doing a lot of planning, dreaming, and hoping about the new year.

Why not stop SHOULDING yourself? Begin today, if you like.

Laugh at these shoulds. Or sneeze at them. Just don't take them seriously.

Laugh at these shoulds. Or sneeze at them. Just don’t take them seriously.

In all the English language, with its million+ lexical items, what is the scariest word? It just might be should.

Recently a friend sent me a wise article that had inspired her, Bullish: Maybe Work-Life Balance Means You Should Work MORE.

Well, I couldn’t agree more with Jennifer Dziura when she wrote advice like this in her blog post:

“A lot of career-related writing targeted towards women emphasizes work-life “balance.” So you should really take some time out and nurture yourself, right?

“Actually, I’’d keep that to a minimum right now. ‘Balance’ is not for the young and sprightly,— instead, think of work-life balance over the course of your entire life.”

Fie on other people’s notions of balance!

I love how Jen demolishes that popular have-it-all myth about “balance.” She got me thinking about other conventional wisdom. And, then, conventional virtues. Like all the following shoulds.

All 10 are disposable, you know. Has believing in them been dragging down your quality of life?

Forgiveness Quiz. Completion. (At least in theory)


How far have we come since the original Forgiveness Quiz? Your point of view may be fresher on this new day.

You know how, waking up after a good night’s sleep, you can stretch and it’s glorious? It’s as though your whole body has been made new, ready to explore every good thing.

Forgiveness Quiz. Some ANSWERS.


“I love you.” That might be the most powerful sentence in English for healthy relationships, trusting life, and moving forward on a path to Enlightenment.

“I forgive you.” That sentence might come in second.

Either giving or receiving forgiveness can help a person to feel better in the present. Also to stay present.

As we explore some answers to our earlier Forgiveness Quiz, I’ve been wondering. Could it be?…

that sometimes a here-and-now conversation can prevent the need for forgiveness here-and-later? Later, so many more words can be needed.

As demonstrated by the tiny yet helpful forgiveness techniques below.

2 simple techniques for forgiveness + 3

Forgiveness Quiz


Forgiveness is very much on the national mind, given an election that was so hard fought and polarized. But a need for forgiveness hardly waits to come up just every four years.

When you need it, you need it. Whenever.

But what is the best way to get forgiveness? Maybe today’s quiz can help clarify things for you, whether add zest to your current beliefs or open up new possibilities.

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting. Tormenting yourself, like giving yourself an extra-bleeding heart? Is that really required to forgive?

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting. Could be, sometimes you’ll never be able to forgive until you cut a particular cord of attachment. To the one who wronged you!

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting. Controversial. Shareable.

I’ll warn you, Blog-Buddies. This will be one of my more controversial posts. If you don’t hate it, you may love it. In which case, please share it with friends who might find it helpful, too.

What prompted this article?

"You disgust me." But blessings to you, of course.


Blog-Buddies, an interesting thread has developed here related to the New Age custom of saying or writing “Blessings.”

Since many of us have been thinking about this lately, I’m going to add some new thoughts, then consolidate some of the exchanges so far and then cross-post various comments that would have been here… had this post already existed. (Hope this makes sense. I also hope I used the term “cross-post” correctly. If there’s a better word, please tell me. Most of my slang is stuck in the 1950’s and I am slowly crawling my way forward into current language.)