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Rose prepares for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

Rose Rosetree, proud to be an independent publisher

Rose Rosetree, proud to be an independent publisher

In time for the biggest annual event in the world of publishing, I’m pleased to announce new representation for rights sales and international distribution of all the books at the official Rose Rosetree website.

Meet my new literary agent, everyone: Nigel J. Yorwerth, President of Yorwerth Associates, LLC.

With 42 rights contracts so far, over 361,000 copies of my books are now in print.

(Haven’t figured out a way yet to precisely count all the ebooks. Not yet.)

Authorized international editions of my books include a national bestseller for Random House Germany. These nonfiction books in the emerging field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality have been published in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Estonian, German, Japanese, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Proud to be an independent publisher? You bet. Sure, that involves some extra work, like unloading new books and reprints in my garage (like the photo above). What makes all this worthwhile? No compromise with the integrity of my work. That matters to me, and maybe it also matters to you, Blog-Buddies.

Loris Essary in 2010, Still Misusing Rose Rosetree Credits for his Promotion of International Titles


Golly, with approach of the annual Frankfurt Book Fair, I am doing what is starting to seem like an annual ritual: Attempting to get Loris Essary to stop promoting himself and International Titles by bragging about his very former client Rose Rosetree. He was fired four years ago, in 2006.

This post is intended for members of the publishing community.