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Banish Bad Wealth Habits

Banish Bad Wealth Habits

Banish Bad Wealth Habits — that’s the lead article in my August 2017 newsletter. Learn more here.

Banish Bad Wealth Habits? By that I mean clearing out bad $$$ habits that you might have. Habits that keep you from gaining wealth. Habits that don’t help at all.

Because my August 2017 newsletter is coming soon. And what will be the lead article in this issue of “Reading Life Deeper”?

Oh, you guessed it.

Banish Bad Wealth Habits — Huh?

Money-Making You, it really is possible. Unknowingly you might have some once-good habits for making more money. Habits that now are weighing you down. And I don’t mean like carrying too many gold bars in your jeans.

Bold! Asking & Answering One Blunt Question

be bold

A bold question. Followed by a bold answer. All in the upcoming issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

Be bold, you! The times call for it.

For the March issue of “Reading Life Deeper,” I’m going to apply some unprecedented boldness.

Boldness concerning “The New Strong” Which some of you have already developed.  This week, one Blog-Buddy told me that she keeps the paperback on her nightstand. Gladys told me, “I’ve already read it. Keeping it around reminds me of what I learned. Seeing that book helps me feel better.”

Many others though, don’t yet appreciate this new part of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). To them it’s just another book. Who cares?

Whether or not you’re into “The New Strong,” I’d recommend that you read the lead article in this month’s newsletter. Answering a certain question. A question that previously I’ve been too polite to ask (or answer) in public. But now it’s time.

So Here’s the Bold Question

5 Secrets of Joy

Secrets of joy? Five secrets of joy? What would they be, be, be, be, be?

Secrets of joy? Five secrets of joy? What would they be, be, be, be, be?

It’s not every month that my newsletter begins with a riddle. But here’s a riddle for you.

Five secrets of joy!

Imagine five ways to live with more joy…

And all of them show, except that they don’t.

Creating joy in these five ways…

More Harmony in Your Life. Newsletter Announcement

More harmony in your life? That happens automatically when you follow the new rules for The Age of Awakening

More harmony in your life? That happens automatically when you follow the new rules for The Age of Awakening

Monday is Publication Day for “THE NEW STRONG.”

In its honor — and yours — a special treat awaits in this issue of my monthly newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper.” In this June issue, I’m going to share an excerpt from that upcoming book, a peek at something very closely linked to your happiness and success in life:

How to live in harmony with life. Given how life really works in The Age of Awakening. 

In many important respects, this differs from how life used to work.

This short chapter from ‘THE NEW STRONG” may shock you, since it begins by negating one of the most popular things you have heard about this new age.

Molecular Empath Seiji Ozawa, Joyful in the Spotlight… All the Way Down to His Chakra Databanks

Announcing an aura reading to bring you joy

Announcing an aura reading to bring you joy

Okay, okay, so far this Oscar season our Aura Reading Movie Reviews have been just a tad depressing. Although I’m still hopeful that we will find at least ONE pretty happy film actor this year.

Now for something completely different. For my February newsletter I’m going back to the Kennedy Center Honors for 2016, where I found joyful Cicely Tyson just in time for the January issue. This time I’ll return to read venerable conductor Seiji Ozawa. As it happens, since then the 80-year-old musician has just won his first Grammy award for the year’s best opera recording.

The opera wasn’t “Carmen” or some other crowd-pleaser but “L’Enfant et les Sortileges,” a pretty obscure French opera composed by Maurice Ravel, better known for that catchy musical confection known as “Bolero.”

Ozawa-san seems to create a force field of joy. For instance, while researching this article I learned that he conducted a concert this month in Japan — where soprano Eri Habaya told a reporter this:

“It is my fond memory now that I was unable to even feel nervous during the performance….”

For our main newsletter article in “Read People Deeper” I’ll give you an aura reading. Clearly Maestro Seiji Ozawa is one of the top conductors in the world, but how happy is he?

Come out of Hiding

Peekaboo, here's to the real you.

Peekaboo, here’s to the real you.

Peekaboo, I see you.

Blog-Buddies, you can’t hide to a face reader. Or an aura reader. Or a skilled empath.

This blog is about the REVEAL side of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). That’s what it means to make deeper perception PRACTICAL.

By contrast, our October 2015 newsletter will celebrate the opposite side, exploring the tendency some of us still have to HIDE.

The newsletter is due for release very soon. If you don’t already subscribe to this free treat, it’s easy.

Just go to The Official Rose Rosetree Website. Right toward the top of the screen, right side. There’s your signup box.

Please know we will never rent or sell your private information. But we WILL send you “Reading Life Deeper” for as often as you wish to receive it. Enjoy!

And then share any comments or questions below.

Share your views about climate change… starting with a guest post by KYLIE

You do aura reading, empath skills, aura healing, face reading WHERE?

You do aura reading, empath skills, aura healing, face reading WHERE?

Sooner or later, one way or another, climate change concerns you. Including how you do your part.

The focus of this blog is, of course, energetic literacy and deeper perception. This guest post is more related to lifestyle, and how one of our Blog-Buddies uses what she perceives and believes to walk her talk. I thought this might be an interesting guest post to share with you. It doesn’t necessarily match my own experience and views. That’s a good thing. Because where deeper perception leads you is personal.

And personally I was fascinated by this guest post.

What I Have Learned about Climate Change

In 2005, I moved to an ecovillage in Missouri for two years: a demonstration community called Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, where people are experimenting with designing a sustainable lifestyle.

Publication draws near for three new books for empaths

Wow, almost here!

Wow, almost here!

“The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing, and Managing Your Special Gifts”

“The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy:                   Owning, Embracing, and Managing Your Special Gifts”

“The Master Empath: Turning On Your Empath Gifts At Will — In Love, Business and Friendship(Includes Training in Skilled Empath Merge)”

So much going on with print and eBook publication. While newsletter release for January draws near as well, Blog-Buddies. The theme is making more money, incidentally.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the free  newsletter, come on over to the main Rose Rosetree website and subscribe for a while. I think you’ll enjoy this monthly treat. 🙂

As for me, I have been busy with publishing as never before, including this new thing, Print-on-Demand books that can be printed right in Europe, Asia, Australia.

All day long I have been wanting to blog about these new books for empaths. Okay, I’ll accept it isn’t happening today. Only so many hours and fun things to squoosh into one day. But you just wait, empaths!!!! And not wait much longer!

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