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Contest Still Open. Prize Still Worth $150

This could be the last contest you enter in all of 2015.

This could be the last contest you enter in all of 2015.

Busy Blog-Buddies, yes, there is so much to do before the end of the year.

Still, you might wish to take three minutes to enter this contest:

A Contest to Celebrate 27,000+ Comments at the Blog

The prize is a public session of Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research. (With an alternative if the winner feels shy, but I’m guessing you won’t.)

To be eligible, all entries must be received by midnight, December 31, 2016, Eastern Standard Time. (Yes, you clients across the International Date Line get an extra day woo-hoo.)

This reminder has been sent to you with joyful anticipation,


Fame Change Contest for Face Reading or Aura Reading, Your Choice

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Fame beyond 15 minutes, per person, per lifetime in this self-conscious age… that can be tough to handle. Enter our latest contest if you are curious about a celebrity or politician who seems to have been changed a lot, whether for good or ill.

Is there anyone really famous who remains untouched by all that notoriety? Sometimes a mouth glides all the way to the right, no matter how much cosmetic surgery has been done.

When you want a face reading, an aura reading, a cord-cutting

Rose Rosetree, at work now; not always working, however

ELI’s question came in this morning:

Hi Rose – any chance you would do a face reading of Gwyneth Paltrow?

Thank you!

ELI, it’s sweet that you have a request. Thanks for the “Thank you.” And welcome to this blog, because this is your first comment here, right?

Claircognizance, just a psychic gift or useful for energetic literacy?


Let’s think together about your gifts for deeper perception, such as claircognizance. Because how YOU think about your God-given gifts will affect how you develop them.

Will you prefer the prevailing form of personal development in New Age culture, which is psychic development? Or will you summon enough spunk and pioneering spirit to use your gifts to develop full energetic literacy, moving in the direction of Energy Spirituality? That’s spiritual development, Blog-Buddies, aimed to move you towards Enlightenment.

Contest for Face Reading, Aura Reading, Empath Merge — You Choose

A Read People Deeper Contest to end 2010


Yes, it will be our last Official Contest for 2010 at Deeper Perception Made Practical.

Blog-Buddies, we have so much to celebrate this year, including hundreds of empath merges, aura readings, and face readings done through contests and personal sessions.

Clearly you have appreciated the teaching posts as well. It has always been my intention to make this blog primarily an information forum, and wonderful questions have been asked by you’all in 2010. Especially popular posts have involved questions about being an empath and cutting cords of attachment.