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Fulfilling Life Contracts. Sacred Purpose.

Fulfilling Life Contracts

Fulfilling Life Contracts. How to fulfill your life contract without worrying. Losing fears about sacred purpose. Finding joy and meaning in life.

Fulfilling Life Contracts. Many of us worry about this, true?

For sure, I did. Back in the day I tormented myself about this. Not finding my purpose. Wasting my life. And so forth.

Like, for years.

Memories Change as We Grow Spiritually. A Guest Post by DAVID B.

What a great feeling, to set yourself free from harsh memories of past events!

What a great feeling, to set yourself free from harsh memories of past events!

Blog-Buddy DAVID  B. was inspired to write this article by some back-and-forth comments about free will here. He is sharing this guest post.

A lengthier version appears at his wonderful blog, as he explores various ways that the very sense of self changes with higher states of consciousness after crossing the threshold into Enlightenment.

At this blog, our focus is more about human life, success and personal development. I content myself with helping members of this blog community to move forward on a personal path to Enlightenment, sometimes helping people to cross that threshold.

So when your comments are invited below, they could be about how Enlightenment has altered your relationship to the past. Or you might be more interested in how the impact of your memories has changed. Might removal of STUFF have something to do with that?

One way or another, are unpleasant memories as sticky now? Do they drive you as much?

Okay, now it’s David’s turn to get you thinking and making connections. Maybe even some Aha!s that you will remember for years to come. 😉

Our relationship with memories changes as we grow.

Just consider NOW something that you remember from when you were about eight years old.

Conformity. Lessons from My Garden.

Volunteer flowers gone wild

Volunteer flowers gone wild

This summer three volunteer plants in my garden have offered me cosmos, lovely little blossoms of pink sweetness.

Last year I planted a packet of cosmos seeds. Enjoyed them. Let them go in the fall, with appreciation. After all, they are annuals.

Mostly I grow perennials, loving the rhythms of return, my chosen goodness coming back year after year.

This year I had other plans than cosmos for that patch of garden. The boxwoods are doing nicely, especially since they’re punctuated with sweet, small spikes of liriope.

When those volunteers came up, they surprised me. They didn’t fit in with my plan. Yet how could I resist? As you might expect of someone named “Rose Rosetree,” I’m a bit of a flower freak.

Yes, I would keep these unexpected blessings of the floral variety.

Still, as the delicate little startings began, I developed an expectation. Since I was accepting these volunteers, all of them would conform to my standards. Just like the photographs on my packet of seeds, every specimen would be perfect. Each would look like the other, a nicely matched set.

Good Luck with That!

Within days, two out of three of these cosmos grew alarming (for a perfectionist gardener anyway).

Courage needed on one’s path to Enlightenment, a Guest Post from Rachel



Blog-Buddy RACHEL is feeling growing pains. Here is a heartfelt, honest account of what she is going through now on her personal path to Enlightenment, including making choices that thrill her soul.

In phone sessions with me, this wonderful client has healed a great deal of STUFF. However, Energy Spirituality is only 50% about releasing STUFF. The other 50% of Energy Spirituality — the part that newbies take a bit longer to appreciate usually — is what you put in.