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Friendship Potentials, Age of Awakening

Friendship Potentials

Friendship Potentials are different now. Hint: It’s pretty hard to find a photo of friends together that DOESN’T display the outdated items that shows in today’s photo. Can you spot them? (See Comment 1.)

Friendship Potentials! Learn 10 ways to build a better social life in The Age of Awakening. Because great change can bring you great opportunity.

Already we’ve begun to explore “Changing Friendships in the Age of Awakening.” Now it’s time for Part Two of this series.

Friendship Potentials 1. Spiritual Evolution Is Crazy-Variable Now

Becoming a Better Friend as a SKILLED Empath. A Guest Post by SARAH

Sarah, a better friend with Empath Empowerment®

Sarah, a better friend with Empath Empowerment®

Friendship matters. This blog is creating connections for friendship, and so is the new Empath Empowerment Skills Group on Facebook.

Offline, friendships can be improved so much by gaining skills for human-based spirituality, energetic literacy, and Empath Empowerment®.

Your stories about friendship are welcome here, Blog-Buddies, whether as short comments below or as longer comments that can become guest posts. Like today’s beauty from SARAH.

How lack of empath skills can limit our friendships

I’ve spent almost all of my adult life so far hanging out with stereotypically “nerdy” types, very brainy and somewhat flat emotionally.

I know that even though it was unconscious, a lot of the reason I gravitated towards these friends was not being a skilled empath yet.

Don't Worry about a Thing

Honoring Mary Hunter Leach

Honoring Mary Hunter Leach

A joyful sprite and light, who grew up in Virginia, has moved on to her next phase of evolution. Mary Hunter Leach had many friends, and I was one of them.

Another friend, Harrison Snow learned the news and emailed many of us. I carried the momentum forward, honoring Mary Hunter in a Memorial Conference Call last Thursday night.