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Shiny New Joy. 10 Ways to Find It

Shiny New Joy

Shiny New Joy. Would you like some today?

Shiny new joy? It’s all around you. Within you, too. Let me get you started finding some today. Whenever you like!

You’re used to seeing the occasional present. Official goodies in boxes! Sometimes signalized by shiny, colorful paper and a bow.

When you get such a gift, it’s easy to figure out: Aw, somebody bought you a present. Maybe expensive! Shiny new joy might be inside.

Yet your day can be filled with gifts. Not passively recognizable, either. Just because an official gift has been given you by somebody else — that’s what I mean by passive. How about the gifts that you actively discover for yourself? Here are 10 easy ones to find.

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Life More

happy with baby

When not in Technique Time, what then? Isn’t there anything else you can do to evolve spiritually?

Only every waking minute of your life! Because everything you do that is fun can help you to integrate spiritually. In short:

Having Fun Is Good For You

Here come 10 examples. Can you think of more? Please share in comments below.

Favorite YouTube Links

It doesn't have to be so shocking, having fun watching a YouTube

It doesn’t have to be so shocking, having fun watching a YouTube

Blog-Buddies, a friend just sent me a couple of links she thought I would enjoy. GLAYDS was telling me about “Stephen Fry,  a very interesting and intelligent character–he’s an English comedian, actor, writer, commentator and activist.

“His take on “language pedants” is at

“Here he and Hugh Laurie play Jeeves and Wooster in a segment from their early ’90s comedy program based on the P.G. Wodehouse characters:”

Well, this reminded me that we could have a blog post dedicated to that. Just for fun.

Fun is turning out to be the key note in this weekend Aura Reading Level 2 Workshop. And during a break today I am to have fun checking out these links from my thoughtful friend GLADYS.

What do you find to be fun at YouTube? Come on, share.


Creativity. It's Sacred.


Creativity. What does that have to do with personal growth? Or with Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)?

Creativity can improve your mood. Help you have more fun. More important, though, using creativity daily improves your aura and helps spiritual awakening.

On this fine day, do you feel free? Self-actualizing? On track for personal growth and spiritual awakening?