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Face Reading George Zimmerman

Face Reading George Zimmerman

Face Reading George Zimmerman. Fan or foe, it’s fascinating to learn about who people really are… from face data.

Face Reading George Zimmerman — why not? He’s in the news and I’m a face reader with pretty huge curiosity.

This is not going to be a rehash of George Zimmerman’s murder trial nor an exploration of what the verdict has personally meant to you or me. It’s a face reading, which you might find fascinating if you are fed up with interpreting people’s lives as though it were all about Fear of Getting Fat.

Overcome Racism? Deeper Perception Helps.

Overcome Racism

Overcome Racism. Could face reading, aura reading, Skilled Empath Merges — help us all?

Overcome Racism. Could deeper perception help? Whether you choose aura reading, Skilled Empath Merge, or Face Reading — it just might help.

Today KATHRYN added a magnificent comment to an ongoing thread about hot-button issues of racism, legal fairness, “Stand Your Ground” rules, and more.

I was so moved by her comment that I am leading today’s blog post with her powerful words. Let’s consider today’s article a collaboration, with guest posting by KATHRYN and then comments by ROSE.

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

Aura Reading George Zimmerman

Aura Reading George Zimmerman, a hero to those who believe in “Stand Your Ground” laws

Aura Reading George Zimmerman — hey, I’ll have a lot to set aside before doing that.

First of all, ho9w about I get a few words off my chest? Then I’ll deliver a proper Aura Reading of George Zimmerman.