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More Ghosts After The Shift? Part One.


Ghosts, more prevalent now than before The Shift into The Age of Awakening


Ghosts, more prevalent now than before The Shift into The Age of Awakening

Ghosts. More than usual, I have been thinking about ghosts.

And not just because we are entering Halloween month soon. A season of mists and mellow fruitfulness (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) and wacky carved pumpkins (in America, at least).

You bet, lately I’ve been thinking about ghosts.

Have you noticed? More ghosts dwell on earth now… after The Shift into the Age of Awakening.

Ghost Busting. Guest Post by Elaine

Ghost Busting

Ghost Busting. Restoring order to her home, protecting it and herself energetically.

Ghost Busting. In this guest post, ELAINE chronicles using her RES Energy HEALING skills to move out stuck spirits from her house. Protecting herself!

Protect yourself? Sure. You can even protect your house energetically.

Or protect and cleanse property that you wish to rent. Or improve that vacation hotel suite so that, energetically, it becomes four star.

A love song to L.A


Oh, the Brave Explorers here in Los Angeles! Now that my workshop here is complete, I’m enjoying some quiet time for blogging about what it’s like, being here in California for the first time in seven years.

No Deeper Perception will be described here, incidentally. Just the surface of life in Los Angeles is quite a trip.

Decluttering with Energy Spirituality

Oy, I’m such a tosser. I’ll admit it. Both my husband and son are savers. But me, I’m a tosser. So decluttering, physically, has never been a problem for me.

My husband won’t let me forget, when we negotiate seriously over clutter, that once I even tossed the title to my automobile. This resulted in many interesting hours spent with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Washington, D.C.

Cord Removal, Ghost Removal


“I always thought she was haunting me,” Joe said during his session. But that statement came later. Like his telling me, “No, there was no physical violence in the relationship with my grandmother. Unless you count the time she threw a boiling pot of pea soup.

“I ducked, so the saucepan never hit me. Made quite a dent in the wall, though.”

Joe’s intention was simply to become excited about life again, maybe even to like himself more.