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Unhelpful Goals. Puzzle-Quiz Included

Unhelpful Goals

Unhelpful Goals. “Oh no, I thought my Goal Piano was supposed to play only beautiful music.”

Unhelpful Goals. Let’s face the discordant music. Some goals might actually hurt you more than help. Success repellents!

Curious about which kinds of goals to avoid? That’s the purpose of today’s article, which comes complete with a fun four-part quiz.

ONEderful December 2017

ONEderful December 2017

ONEderful December 2017 can mean a month of great expectations for you. Expectations fulfilled!

ONEderful December 2017 can be a month of completion.

Hmmm, what will best complete this year for you? I’ll lead off the sharing. Inviting you to look forward with a courageous heart. And maybe do some sharing here as well.

Selecting a Goal that Is More than a Dream. A Guest Post by IRENE

IRENE, a big goal-getter, this time pictured in a rather big place

IRENE, a big goal-getter, this time pictured in a rather big place

GRACE W.’s recent guest post about success got a lot of us thinking. For instance, what is the difference between having a dream versus setting goals effectively?

Blog-Buddy IRENE has offered to share her latest insights, and I think they are human-sized, Earth-School-sized, GREAT.

Look for the part about the hours I spent, in IRENE’s first personal mentoring with me, educating her in a way that was NOT like the perfectly fine skill from improv, “Yes, AND.”

IRENE got “No, no, no, no, no, yes, and no.” Yet she survived!

What Works for Success?

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