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Enlightenment-Style Personal Growth. Maybe Shocking, But True

Enlightenment-Style Personal Growth — let’s see if this article can bring a practical understanding that helps you.

Enlightenment-Style Personal Growth. After crossing the threshold into Enlightenment, who grows faster?

Those in Traditional Enlightenment or those in Age of Awakening Enlightenment?

Thanks to Blog-Buddy LOGAN MICHAEL for raising this question in his Comment #20 here:

Detachment on Your Path to Enlightenment


ANGELA’s first comment at this blog raised concerns of interest to all of us who seek spiritual Enlightenment. Her recent Comment 12 included this:

I’’ve been actively pursuing “Enlightenment” for the past four years, and I must say you are absolutely correct about disassociating. This journey has taken me for a ride, making me so inwardly focused and out of touch with reality that I’’ve been unable to see truth around me (and been duped by those who could see my detachment).

Although I’’ve gained many wonderful insights, I ultimately feel that I took the worst route and wasted a lot of time, as I’’ve been unable to engage the real world. I’’m working daily to merge these two halves I’’ve created, and am wondering if any of your past articles or a specific book addresses how to heal this ailment?