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Aura Reading, Face Reading, and Skilled Empath Merge (As Done Here) Are Not Gossip

"Deeper Perception Made Practical" is a gossip-free zone.

Warning: “Deeper Perception Made Practical” is a gossip-free zone.

Monitoring this blog brings some challenges, folks. One is that some people may dismiss “Deeper Perception” as a legitimate search for truth, with standards and ethics and rigor.

With ideals like clarity, discernment, and healing.

How to do face reading on a fad

Rose Rosetree does face reading with Evgenia

Face Reader ZELDA made a fascinating observation recently. Let’s start with her own words:

“I have been working with more and more young women from Saudi Arabia in recent months and have noticed an interesting trend with them related to eyebrows.

“It seems to be fashionable to either shave or pluck or otherwise simply wipe out the natural eyebrow and replace it with a heavy, dark line. Imagine using a black magic marker, with that rectangular shape, perhaps a good quarter inch thick, starting the ‘eyebrow.’ Usually the line is straight, at an angle, with a sharp angled turn way near the end of the eye.

“I’ve been struck by this fashion, mainly because these drawn-in brows stand out so sharply on their beautiful faces and also because they look so unnatural. I have often wondered why they do it, but then each culture has its own standards of beauty.