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Rainbow Gratitude

Rainbow Gratitude

Rainbow Gratitude. My fresh story may prompt you to answer a sweet little question.

Rainbow Gratitude. That’s a name for what you probably feel… in the presence of a rainbow. But what will you do with that gratitude? Maybe not so obvious.

So let me tell you a story from last night. A story of rainbow and gratitude.

Unpredictable Always, Rainbow Gratitude

Lessons from My Garden: The Momentum of Enjoyment


Basil is a self-renewing form of deliciousness. The more you take, the more you get.

I love that about annual plants. Unlike perennials, they come into your world (grow in your garden) just once. So they give you their all.

Under decent conditions, an annual flower or herb will give and give and give.

A basil plant, for instance, will loyally deliver its part of your pesto. Again and again and again.

When a Garden Herb Really Delivers, You Can Taste It

Thanksgiving 2010

Got thanksgiving?

You have a lot to be grateful for today. If you’re in America, you’ll be taking that all the way to the level of a national holiday.

Family of blood (relatives) and/or family of choice (friends) will gather around a festive table. You’ll be feasting. Maybe you’ll go around that table, taking turns, with each person saying aloud what about your life these days makes you feel especially grateful.

Gratitude Technique + Aura Reading Perspective


Gratitude can be used as a technique for spiritual healing, chakra balancing, overall cleansing of your aura.

Certain DO’s and DON’Ts are needed in order to make Gratitude a powerful and transforming technique. The perspective of Aura Reading helps, too.