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Controversial Aura Reading Quotes. Quiz Yourself

Controversial Aura Reading Quotes.

Controversial Aura Reading Quotes. Learn today’s new Aura Reading Etiquette

Controversial Aura Reading Quotes. Let’s discuss. Because more and more people today can read auras. Which is good.

But not so good? Some of today’s comments, wisecracks, and sincere attempts at aura-talk. Which are not in the least bit helpful.

How I Deal with Spiritual Shutdown, a Guest Post by CURIOUS AS EVER



Aha!s about Spiritual Shutdown

Aha!s about Spiritual Shutdown

Recently, Blog-Buddies, we have been discussing the plight of millions who are currently pursuing a fascinating experiment at Earth School that I call “Spiritual Shutdown.” Some are preppers, some await The Rapture, while others are simply trying to get through their day.

When you read chakra databanks of folks with this pattern of spiritual shutdown, what do you find? Chakra databanks about survival and noticing objective reality are over-functioning. Meanwhile, chakra databanks about spiritual connection, emotional intimacy, curiosity about inner life? Oops. They slam closed into shutdown.

How to Help Your Friends in Spiritual Addiction


Spiritual Addiction has been a theme in many blog posts since I first described the problem in the how-to, “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.”

Today I would like to approach this problem from a different angle. How can you help friends who have slipped into this increasingly common problem?

Perhaps by viewing spiritual addiction in terms of some friends and acquaintances, you will gain a fresh perspective that can help you, too.

Farewell, Spiritual Addiction. Moving towards Enlightenment

Farewell Spiritual Addiction

Farewell Spiritual Addiction, I’m learning a better way to position my consciousness

Farewell, Spiritual Addiction. Because I’m learning a better way to move towards Enlightenment.

What’s the key? Positioning my consciousness.Yesterday’s post explored today’s epidemic of spiritual addiction, relating it to the global pandemic of obesity and common confusions within the New Age community.

For today the more joyful flip side of the coin: What is so wonderful about positioning your consciousness at the human level?

Because your freedom to position your consciousness effortlessly is amazing. It really is.

Positioning your consciousness

Of course you have consciousness. Even before your baby eyes could focus well, you had consciousness. Of course, “consciousness” simply means being awake inside, noticing one thing at a time.

Long before multi-tasking became popular, you could do one thing at a time:

  • Relish a spring tulip.
  • Smell apple pie.
  • Eat a bite of that pie, one mouth at a time and one mouthful at a time.

Vibrational lifting, energy vampire fears, energy hypochondria



Congratulations to our latest group of Skilled Empaths, graduates of the Empath Empowerment® Workshop. Every time I teach this workshop, it is a unique delight. And this group didn’t disappoint.

If you are new to learning about empaths, I wish you could have met this group — such a diverse collection of people. All they had in common:

Survival skills for Cord Cutting and more, a Guest Post by Grace W.

energy spirituality logo


Something else comes to mind about your comments, ROSE, about all the shifting and discomfort.

My experience has been of late that it is a SWELL time to get serious about developing and using Energy Spirituality skills. Along with being gentle with ourselves. I view these now as survival skills, not a “oh-I’ll-get-to-them-someday-when-I-have-time” kind of thing.

Why, if I am a World Server, do I feel crummy?

energy spirituality



January was a hard month for some of you Blog-Buddies. Even if good things happened, too.

JOE had a tough month, for instance. He looked online, seeking explanation, consolation, whatever would bring him a feeling of support. Here’s what JOE found:

More Family of Choice, no Grey Slime


Requests have come to me, and now I want to help make them happen.

Could I please help GLADYS meet some folks from the blog in San Francisco? How about helping JOE, who happens to live in London?

Blog-Buddies, many of you are natural best friends with others who comment or lurk at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Now, just to get you psyched for the practical ideas to  follow, let’s inspire you with a couple of concepts.

Family of Choice, How to Find It and Keep It



Sometimes a Blog-Buddy goes through a personal kind of pain that is more than personal. Unwittingly, he or she is speaking for many of you Blog-Buddies. Yesterday I was having a conversation like this with VERONICA. She graciously allowed me to share:

Despite my efforts to create a loving, supportive, caring, fun Family of Choice here, it has not yet arrived to greet me around the Christmas tree. I am having quite a hard time not feeling like such a loser. For real. There really are moments of “what is the point of all of this if still I feel so alone??”

Aarghh….I know, not the most mature or enlightened or whatever, but this feels very, very human.

Wondering if you have run into this kind of timing and phenomenon. I suppose the longing for that family-of-choice, the intensity now, is actually a good thing.

Gray Slime, Energy Hypochondria, and Victimhood


“Gray slime” is, of course, my term for the creeping fears of humanity. We live in interesting times. These are times that offer us fabulous opportunities for spiritual evolution.

  • Dealing with problems, will you choose to summon your human common sense, then evaluate situations realistically? Will you do your human part to solve the problems?
  • As for your spiritual life, and your goals as a world server, are you doing your comfortable best in that department as well?