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Face Reading JK Rowling

Face Reading JK Rowling

Face Reading JK Rowling. Can you even begin to imagine what it is like to be this extraordinary novelist?

Face Reading JK Rowling, what will impress you most? What kind of person is the author of the Harry Potter series? And do you share any face data with her? You just might!

Granted, she’s nominated for our latest Face Reading Contest .  Which goes through the end of this month.

But I couldn’t make myself wait. Before then, which non-contest nominee’s face was I going to read in the meanwhile?

Steve Bannon’s? So many Trumpians look as though they’re auditioning for the faculty of Slytherin.

Joy! This morning I wanted joy. And so let’s pursue an invitation to joy. Thanks to JNANA’s sweet nomination. At that aforementioned contest.

Body Language Like Quidditch


That fictional sport from Harry Potter has a real parallel to body language. No, it isn’t because broom flying is required to really get you into the game. A Quidditch team has four different positions, each one corresponding to a different approach to nonverbal communication.

Wizards at Deeper Perception don’t just do aura readings, using energy fields as the basis for spiritual reading, or reading faces as a flying-off point for intuitive reading. Some of the most perceptive people around read body language ALONE … so far at least. I hope to change that, of course, with my (now) 2-day-old book, Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.