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Healer, Cheated. Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading™

Healer, Cheated

Healer, Cheated. Lean what happened energetically to an open-hearted healer, deceived.

Healer, Cheated — for shame! Today’s post may reveal the worst part of the deception we’ve been exploring. An initiation and an attunement, both under false pretences.

Might I suggest? Check out these two articles before continuing here:  Initiation, Mislabeled and Liar, Liar Attunements. Part 2 of 3 .

These showed you two different ways that Gladys was deceived by her teachers. Could be, our third in this series… Is the biggest shocker of all. And yet…

Healer, Cheated. Doesn’t Mean Healer, Defeated.

Ethics, please. How you can help.



Ouch! Otherwise talented healers can display really shoddy ethics.

Twice in one week, clients of mine had been treated very badly by previous healers. Far from feeling remorseful, those healers probably felt smug about themselves. (If they even thought twice about the rather horrifying ethical implications of what they had done.)

Nah Kin, Aura Reading of an Enlightened Mayan Healer

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Well, that Enlightenment Life List is growing longer. One new addition comes courtesy of Karin, who nominated another winning entry for our Healer Contest.

Nah Kin, a Mayan shamanic healer, obviously from Mexico.

After reading her aura, I’ll see if I can find a related website, but let’s go in simply as aura readers, Blog-Buddies. Consider it a summertime thrill ride at the cosmic amusement park! Join me and comment away, using this aura

The Most Important Person in the Room, Part One


Ah, there’s nothing like a slow-motion shuttle between East and West to drive home certain truths: Wherever you live, empath or not, you really owe it to yourself to become the most important person in the room.

No crown is necessary. Nor need you adopt the body language of a pushy person. Instead I’m recommending a certain internal positioning, done with your consciousness (that part of you which always is awake inside, a silent witness to all your waking hours).

Healers Speak, and Speaking to Healers


Yesterday I received this comment from a physician:

“Since I have learned Rose’s method of turning empathy off I can even deal with psychiatric patients.”

The whole comment meant a lot to me, because I have HEARD many such comments before but not received any as quotable comments It’s important for